Helicon Remote

Helicon Remote allows you to control Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras remotely and automates focus (DoF) bracketing, exposure bracketing (HDR), and time lapse photography. It can even combine all these methods together! See it in action in our video tutorial.

Helicon Remote can also control StackShot macro rails and Trinamic stepper motors, devices typically used for focus (DoF) bracketing in macro, extreme macro and micro photography.

Helicon Remote is available for Windows, Mac and Android 3.1+.


Remotely Capture and View Images and Video

With Helicon Remote you can remotely capture and view full-resolution JPEG/RAW images to check their focus and exposure. You can also view and capture video. This is ideal for macro photography, when your camera is often in an awkward location and you want to avoid camera shakes caused by pressing the buttons.

Focus Bracketing (EDoF)

Helicon Remote automates focus bracketing. You set the nearest and the farthest points of the object that you want to have in focus, and the program does all the rest, calculating the depth of field in one shot at the current settings and how many shots need to be taken. Helicon Remote facilitates precise focusing: you just click or tap on the Live View to focus the lens. The focused area is then highlighted so that you can preview the DoF with the current settings and make incremental focusing steps.

New! Burst focus bracketing using StackShot macro rails.

Helicon Remote is now able to use burst/serial shooting mode of the camera for continuous high speed shooting together with continuous movement of the camera on the StackShot rails. Please watch short video below:

Helicon Remote automatically adjusts camera speed to match cameras shooting speed and current DOF.


Exposure Bracketing (HDR)

With Helicon Remote you can combine exposure bracketing (HDR) and focus bracketing (DoF). This allows you to create images with HDR and an extended depth of field.

You can set up to 15 exposure steps, which is more than most cameras allow, and as many focusing steps as needed.

Helicon Remote is able to capture extra long exposures - up to 32 min with the cameras that support this feature: all Canon cameras, Nikon D600 / D800 / D4 / D7100 / D5200 and later Nikon cameras.

Time Lapse

Time-lapse photography is photography over time, i.e., when you set your camera to take shots automatically every few seconds, minutes, or hours.

Why would you do this? If your object is changing over time you may want to capture its different stages and then combine the shots into a fascinating movie.

With Helicon Remote, you can combine time-lapse photography with focus and exposure bracketing.

For example, you could capture a flower bud opening, a piece of fruit ripening, traffic on a busy street over the length of a day—or whatever suits your fancy.

Remotely Control Camera Settings

With Helicon Remote you can change most camera settings: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, flash mode, flash compensation, white balance, color temperature, image format, exposure compensation, and drive/shooting mode.

I do mostly macro and finally found a program that gives me all I need. I most like the ability of having a bigger screen to look at when focusing and another is the option to bracket up to 15 allowing for HDR photos as well. But having the option to focus stack is freaking awesome and opens up the macro world in all sorts of new ways. Go to their site and pay for the unlimited edition for droid and you wont regret it.

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