Helicon Remote – Choosing the license

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Desktop version of Helicon Remote is available with Pro and Premium licenses of Helicon Focus. Unregistered version is limited to shooting of small resolution jpegs for evaluation purposes.

Android/iOS version of Helicon Remote is included into Helicon Focus Premium license or can be purchased separately.

A registered copy of Helicon Remote may be installed on up to four computers and/or up to two mobile devices, depending on the license type, as long as only one copy is used at the same time.




Focus (DoF) bracketing
DoF calculator
Exposure bracketing (HDR)
Extra long exposures
Time lapse
Combination of time lapse,
focus and exposure bracketing
StackShot macro rails control
Burst shooting mode
Burst bracketing
Trinamic stepper motor control
Video recording
Mirror lockup support
Network/wifi cameras
GPS embedding
LiveView noise reduction
LiveView brightness compensation
Low-resolution JPEG support *  
Full-resolution JPEG/RAW support  
Helicon Remote mobile
(Android, iOS **)
Helicon Remote mobile
for Helicon Focus Pro users
Helicon Remote multi-platform
(Windows, Mac, Android, iOS**)
* Demo mode of Helicon Remote for Android/iOS supports full-resolution JPEG files
** Helicon Remote for iOS connects to a camera only via Wi-Fi.
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Supported platforms:

Windows version Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Mac OS version Mac OS 10.13+

Android version Android 5+

iOS version iOS 11.0+

Please check the full list of supported cameras here.