Helicon Remote – History of changes

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What is new in the latest version

Windows version Helicon Remote 4.4.8 (06.03.2024, Windows) (20 Mb)

Mac OS version Helicon Remote 4.4.8 (06.03.2024, Mac OS) (28 Mb)

  • Bug fixes
  • Support of Nikon Z f
Helicon Remote 4.4.6 (11.09.2023)

  • Bug fixes
Helicon Remote 4.4.5 (30.08.2023)

  • macOS - Bug fixes
Helicon Remote 4.4.4 (10.08.2023)

  • Support of Canon R8
Helicon Remote 4.4.3 (07.07.2023)

  • Support of Nikon Z8
Helicon Remote 4.4.1 (21.04.2023)

  • New cameras supported: Canon R6 II, Canon R50, Sony A1
  • Numerous errors fixed
Helicon Remote 4.3.1 (19.09.2022)

  • Minor issues fixed
Helicon Remote 4.3.0 (06.08.2022)

  • Support for mirrorless cameras, stability improvements
Helicon Remote 3.9.12 (08.01.2021)

  • Canon 850D supported
  • issues with Nikon D780 support fixed
Helicon Remote 3.9.11 (28.03.2020)

  • Canon 1D X Mark III, Nikon D780 supported
  • CR3 format supported (CR3 image files will receive proper .cr3 file extension)
Helicon Remote 3.9.10 (16.10.2019)

  • Canon 90D supported
  • An issue with zooming and panning live view when it's rotated fixed
Helicon Remote 3.9.9 (06.08.2019)

  • Canon 250D supported
  • Live view zoom / autofocus not working correctly with Canon cameras fixed
  • Numerous small internal error fixes and improvements
Helicon Remote 3.9.8 (19.04.2019)

  • A problem with the application freezing on Windows fixed
  • A few other minor errors fixed
Helicon Remote 3.9.7 (16.08.2018)

  • Wemacro rail detection fixed
  • Trinamic stepper motor: incorrect step size fixed
  • Wireless operation problem with recent Canon bodies fixed
  • Potential Nikon BULB shooting bug fixed
  • Live view image flip option added (horizontal / vertical)
  • Photo browser improvements
Helicon Remote 3.9.5 (10.05.2018)

  • Canon 1500D and 3000D support added
  • Support for the new revision of the Wemacro macro rail added
  • Issues with live view zoom and autofocus fixed
  • Image browser usability, stability and performance improvements
  • Occasional crashes on macOS fixed
Helicon Remote 3.9.1 (25.10.2017)

  • Fixed live view not being displayed during video recording
  • Fixed the program's inability to detect Nikon Df on Mac
  • Fixed program activation on Windows
Helicon Remote 3.9.0 (22.09.2017)

  • New cameras supported: Canon 77D, 800D, 200D, 6D Mark II; Nikon D850, D7500
  • Support for Wemacro macro rail
  • High DPI support for Mac (text no longer looks pixelated or blurred on retina displays)
  • The program now correctly handles displays with different scaling factors - it respects the settings for the specific monitor that the program window currently resides on
  • Numerous bug fixes and small improvements
Helicon Remote 3.8.7 (16.05.2017)

  • New cameras supported: Canon 77D and 800D
  • Fixed the error when taking a shot or preview with the camera set to RAW + JPEG
  • Nikon burst (continuous) shooting reworked, it is now possible to take a series of more photos than fit the buffer as long as a memory card is inserted
  • Focus peaking ("Show focused"): it is now possible to select the color in which to highlight the areas in focus (Preferences -> Interface -> Highlighting color)
  • "Increase live view brightness" feature fixed, it no longer causes whiteout of the image
  • Auto-updating fixed on Mac OS
  • Live view noise averaging and brightness increase errors fixed
  • It's now always possible to enter the number of shots manually when only one of the points A/B is set, even if "Auto" is selected
Helicon Remote 3.8.4 (03.02.2017)

  • White balance color temperature setting fixed for all new Nikon cameras (D800/D810, D4, D7200 etc.)
Helicon Remote 3.8.3 (31.01.2017)

  • Time lapse UI problems fixed (for instance, time until the end of shooting wasn't being updated properly)
  • Mac OS: fixed a problem in 3.8.2 that could cause the program to malfunction with some Nikon bodies
Helicon Remote 3.8.2 (11.01.2017)

  • Mac OS 10.12: fixed an error resulting in the camera not being detected at all, or the application being unusable
  • Burst (continuous) shooting errors with Nikon cameras fixed
  • Nikon D7200 WB color temperature option support fixed
  • Nikon D5600 support added
  • Odd behavior when manually entering the number of shots or interval fixed
  • Time lapse bugs fixed (remaining time, total time calculation)
Helicon Remote 3.8.1 (04.10.2016)

  • Fixed the occasional "Procedure entry point not found" error on Windows
Helicon Remote 3.8.0 (22.09.2016)

  • Canon 5D Mark IV supported
  • Fixed an error that occurred with Nikon cameras when shooting RAW+JPEG while images were being saved to memory cards and the cards were set to RAW/JPEG division mode
  • A few more minor bugs fixed
Helicon Remote 3.7.3 (21.07.2016)

  • Nikon D500 and D5 issues fixed: shooting; list of image qualities; ISO values
  • Nikon D4S ISO values fixed
Helicon Remote 3.7.2 (12.07.2016)

  • Fixed the live view zoom issue with Nikon D500 and D5
  • Grid display fixed
  • Canon 80D and 1D X Mk II issue fixed
  • Fixed the erroneous "Memory card is missing" message with Nikon D5100 and possibly other Nikon cameras
Helicon Remote 3.7.0 (17.06.2016)

  • Fixed occasional corruption of the live view image that occurred on some computers
  • New Canon cameras supported: 80D, 1300D, 1DX Mk II
  • New Nikon cameras supported: 5D, 500D
  • Various small bugs fixed
Helicon Remote 3.6.6 (29.01.2016)

  • Minor internal improvements
Helicon Remote 3.6.5 (15.01.2016)

  • Fixed a problem with downloading images after a shot with a Canon camera
  • Fixed the integration with Helicon Focus on Mac
Helicon Remote 3.6.4 (08.01.2016)

  • Fixed the video recording problem with some Nikon cameras (D5200, D5300, D5500, D7100, D7200)
  • Fixed the occasional ssleay.dll / libeay.dll error message in Windows
  • Fixed the crash on Mac 10.7 and 10.8
  • Added the connection instructions for Stackshot / Trinamic on Mac OS X 10.11
Helicon Remote 3.6.3 (25.12.2015)

  • Fixed BULB shooting errors with Nikon cameras
  • OS X: fixed the "unidentified developer" error
  • Numerous smaller bug fixes
Helicon Remote 3.6.2 (22.06.2015)

  • Canon 5DS support
  • Fixed a problem with saving images when the camera is set to JPEG + RAW, and one format is left in the camera while the other is moved to the computer
Helicon Remote 3.6.1 (12.06.2015)

  • New cameras supported:
    - Canon 750D (T6i, kiss x8i), 760D (T6s, 8000D);
    - Nikon D810A.
  • New feature: motion trigger. Analyzes the live view image (or the image from your Android device's camera) and detects motion in the specified zone of the image. Takes a shot when motion is detected. The sensitivity is adjustable. Enable the feature via menu -> Tools -> Events on Windows / Mac; Tools panel -> Events on Android.
  • DOF calculator: interval calculation formula modified to account for focal length correctly. The correction factor you used to use is now obsolete and must be re-adjusted!
  • Canon: BULB shooting bugfix for 5D Mk II, 7D, 1D Mk IV.
  • Canon: multiple MLU bugfixes for Canon cameras when shooting with live view turned off.
  • Canon: smartphone mode support for Canon cameras with Wi-Fi.
  • Canon: fixed continuous shooting mode handling
    - the camera will no longer take 2 shots instead of 1 if continuous mode was set in the camera body;
    - the program will restore the user's shooting mode after taking any shots - be it single or continuous;
    - added support for silent shooting modes.
  • Canon: fixed handling of errors that occur during shooting.
  • Lots of internal errors fixed, including some that could lead to crashes.
  • Windows / Mac: fixed a rare crash upon program launch.
  • Android: new feature - audio trigger. Analyzes the sound from your device's built-in microphone, detects spikes ands triggers a shot when user-adjustable threshold is exceeded.
  • Android: fixed missing button in the "Camera error" message, so that the message can be closed and you can continue working with the app. Enable the feature via Tools panel -> Events.
  • Android: other minor UI fixes.
Helicon Remote 3.5.1 (09.04.2015)

  • Minor user interface fix
Helicon Remote 3.5.0 (06.04.2015)

  • Support for new cameras:
    - Canon 7D Mark II
    - Nikon D5500
    - Nikon D7200
  • Support for the new Trinamic motors with built-in USB interface (PD42-1141)
  • Numerous internal bug fixes
Helicon Remote 3.4.14 (18.12.2014)

  • Windows: fixed the error that caused a crash on computers with missing video driver instead of displaying a message. Post-crash bug reports now include more information useful for finding the problem
  • Mac: fixed a problem with auto updates
Helicon Remote 3.4.10 (26.11.2014)

  • Nikon D750 support: live view image is now visible, live view zoom works
  • Preliminary Stackshot 3X support (single axis only)
  • Fixed an issue with live view zoom and autofocus for Nikon D5200, D5300, D4S, Df
  • Fixed several issues with the current position indicator in the Focus Bracketing panel
  • Minor bugfixes
Helicon Remote 3.4.8 (26.09.2014)

  • Fixed a problem with updating the live view area on Windows XP
Helicon Remote 3.4.7 (22.09.2014)

  • Nikon D4S live view zoom error fixed
Helicon Remote 3.4.6 (17.09.2014)

  • Fast preview / image review now works properly when live view is off
  • Connection to network cameras now occurs much faster (less time between clicking the camera in the list and being able to work with it)
  • Canon cameras can now shoot without a memory card in Wi-Fi mode
Helicon Remote 3.4.5 (16.09.2014)

  • Nikon D810 live view zoom error fixed
Helicon Remote 3.4.4 (15.09.2014)

  • Fixed a problem that made Remote non-functional with Nikon D4S
Helicon Remote 3.4.3 (11.09.2014)

  • Nikon D810 and D7100 live view zoom issue fixed
  • Minor internal bugfixes
  • Live view display mode setting now works
Helicon Remote 3.4.2 (08.09.2014)

  • Fixed an error in the bug reporting tool that rendered bug reports near useless
Helicon Remote 3.4.1 (05.09.2014)


  • Experimental D810 support. Please report any issues
  • Time lapse tool is re-implemented: you can now choose to enable or disable focus and exposure bracketing; time between shots is now in fact the time between shots, not between end of one shot and start of the next as it used to be. Each shot takes at least a couple seconds to shoot, and total shooting time is now calculated to account for that
  • You can now control live view exposure simulation from Remote (with all supported Canon cameras and Nikon cameras that have this feature - D800, D600, D610, D4...). You will find in the Tools -> Live view menu on Mac / Windows, Live View panel on Android


  • All operating systems: MLU status is now properly detected on new Canon cameras (1D Mk IV, 70D and probably some others as well)
  • All operating systems: Nikon burst FPS measurement halt fixed
  • All operating systems: fixed missing ISO values with new generation Canon cameras (6D ans such)
  • Mac OS X: fixed a crash with Canon cameras that many users were suffering
  • Android: registration dialog now fits the screen on phones (buttons may not have been visible previously)
  • All operating systems: numerous minor fixes
Helicon Remote 3.3.7 (12.05.2014)

  • Fixed inability to save images with Canon cameras (which appeared in 3.3.6)
Helicon Remote 3.3.6 (07.05.2014)

  • Fixed failure to detect memory cards on Nikon cameras with more than one memory card slot
Helicon Remote 3.3.5 (30.04.2014)

  • Fixed a focus movement issue, minor burst bracketing improvements
Helicon Remote 3.3.1 (16.04.2014)

  • New feature - burst bracketing (combining continuous Stackshot movement with burst shooting to shoot focus stacks rapidly - in a matter of seconds)
  • Nikon D4s and Canon 1200D support
  • Numerous bugs fixed
Helicon Remote 3.2.7 (07.02.2014)

  • Fixed the message "Camera cannot shoot..." being shown erroneously
  • Fixed the problem with Auto focus bracketing mode not working with Canon cameras when the images are not copied to computer
  • Minor shooting speed improvement (slightly less delays between shots)
Helicon Remote 3.2.6 (31.01.2014)

  • Bugfix for a focus bracketing problem introduced in 3.2.5
Helicon Remote 3.2.5 (29.01.2014)

  • Fixed the message "Camera cannot shoot..." being shown erroneously
  • Fixed the problem with Auto focus bracketing mode not working with Canon cameras when the images are not copied to computer
Helicon Remote 3.2.4 (24.01.2014)

  • Color temperature setting fixed for Canon cameras, camera detection issue on Windows XP solved
Helicon Remote 3.2.3 (13.01.2014)

  • Fixed live view zoom / AF issue with Nikon D610 and D7100. Added new folder and image file naming templates - [stack_counter] and [file_counter]. These counters are persistent and survive program restart; they can only be reset manually
Helicon Remote 3.2.2 (10.01.2014)

  • Remote should now work properly with old graphics adapters on Windows
Helicon Remote 3.2.1 (09.01.2014)

  • Mirror-lock up is now properly detected for Canon cameras
  • Fixed a live view issue on Mac OS X 10.6
  • Added an explanatory message (instructions on how to fix) for a Stackshot / Trinamic issue on OS X 10.9
Helicon Remote 3.2.0 (23.12.2013)

  • Improved live view performance
  • Nikon D610 support, Nikon D5300 support
  • Various bug fixes
Helicon Remote 3.1.2 (08.10.2013)

  • New feature: live view brightness boost for dark shooting conditions (accessible from settings -> Interface)
  • Fixed error with saving and restoring settings
Helicon Remote 3.1.1 (04.10.2013)

  • Fixed hanging on startup
Helicon Remote 3.1.0 (25.09.2013)

  • Canon 70D support added
  • Digital signature issues on Windows 7 and 8 has been resolved
  • Numerous errors fixed
Helicon Remote 3.0.2 (16.08.2013)

  • Fixed bugs
Helicon Remote 3.0.1 (07.08.2013)

  • Recording video with Canon 550D and shooting with BULB exposure with Canon 5D Mk III fixed
  • Fixed a rare error making Nikon D800 and similar / later cameras completely non-functional due to specific combination of body settings
  • Also fixed an issue with interval between shots changing unexpectedly
Helicon Remote 3.0.0 (25.07.2013)

  • Ability to work with network cameras added (Canon 6D, Canon WFT, Nikon WT modules)
  • Image review after shooting
  • Support for Canon 700D
Helicon Remote 2.6.5 (01.04.2013)

  • Support for Nikon D7100
Helicon Remote 2.6.3 (16.01.2013)

  • Support for Nikon D5200
Helicon Remote 2.6.2 (19.12.2012)

  • Zoom/autofocus on Nikon D600 is fixed, along with a few other minor problems
  • Fixed live zoom/autofocus on Nikon D600, continuous shooting on Nikon cameras
Helicon Remote 2.5.8 (29.08.2012)

  • Experimental support for video recording (with live view) on Nikon D5100 / D7000 / D800 / D4, Canon 1d Mk IV / 5D Mk II / 5D Mk III / 7D / 60D / 500D / 550D / 600D / 1100D
  • Shooting without live view is now possible on any camera if the preference "Disable live view during shooting" is set and the lens is in manual focusing mode. All Nikon cameras can save pictures to memory card in this mode
  • Hyperfocal distance calculator added
Helicon Remote 2.5.4 (26.07.2012)

  • Fixed bugs with Canon 5D MkIII and Nikon D800 cameras
  • Fixed bugs with focusing in portrait mode
Helicon Remote 2.4.4 (10.05.2012)

  • Added support for Nikon D800/D4
  • Storing images to camera is now supported for Nikon D5100, D7000, D3s, D3x, D800, D4
Helicon Remote 2.3.14 (02.12.2011)

  • Improved error handling for some Canon cameras
Helicon Remote 2.3.13 (28.11.2011)

  • Fixed some bugs with Canon 550D
  • Fixed bugs with download of images on Canon camera
  • Overall stability improvements
Helicon Remote 2.3.10 (28.10.2011)

  • Direct PTP camera access implemented which allows to support newest cameras
  • Many interface enhancements such as focusing progress
  • Possibility to define size of >,>> and >>> steps
  • Control over acceleration and torque for Trinamic steppers
Helicon Remote 2.2.7 (06.09.2011)

  • Updated Nikon SDK to support D5100
Helicon Remote 2.2.5 (24.06.2011)

  • Fixed bug with AutoFocus for Nikon cameras
Helicon Remote 2.2.4 (11.06.2011)

  • Added support for Canon EOS 600D and EOS 1100D
  • Stability fixes and minor inteface changes
Helicon Remote 2.0.16 (15.03.2011)

  • Fixes for Canon T1i/500D, Canon 60D
  • StackShot rails can be used now without camera
  • Step size for stepper devices can be set in millimeters, inches and degrees
Helicon Remote 2.0.15 (07.03.2011)

  • New design for focus bracketing panel
  • Auto mode for focus bracketing
  • Many stability imrovements
  • Fixed for Nikon D7000, D300, D3
Helicon Remote 2.0.14 (01.02.2011)

  • Full manual mode for exposure bracketing
  • Fixes for Nikon D300, D700, D3, D3s, D7000
  • Improvement in interface and minor bug fixes
Helicon Remote (21.01.2011)

  • A few more fixes for Nikon D7000
Helicon Remote (13.01.2011)

  • Helicon Remote updated, bugs Nikon D7000 and D3s fixed
Helicon Remote (24.12.2010)

  • Helicon Remote 2.0 beta with support of Stack Shot and stepper motors added
Helicon Remote (02.07.2010)

  • Fixed bug with focusing in MLU mode
Helicon Remote (16.06.2010)

  • Added support for Canon 550D
  • Fixed bug with refocusing on Canon 7D
Helicon Remote (09.04.2010)

  • Fixed bugs with Canon 7D and 500D
  • Fixed error under Vista
  • Fixed bug with RAW shooting
Helicon Remote (17.03.2010)

  • Time lapse shooting added
Helicon Remote (18.02.2010)

  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Added support for Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS 7D, EOS Kiss X3/EOS REBEL T1i /EOS 500D, Nikon D5000
Helicon Remote (10.12.2009)

  • Helicon Remote, utility for automated focus, exposure bracketing and remote shooting included into installation