Helicon Focus – History of changes (Windows)

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What is new in the latest version

Windows versionHelicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 8.2.0 (19.09.2022) (116 Mb)

  • Support for display scaling
  • OpenCL issue with Intel integrated GPUs fixed
  • Bug fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 8.1.1 (25.05.2022)

  • Support for GPUs with 2 GB VRAM fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 8.1.0 (04.04.2022)

  • 3D Viewer: exporting OBJ + MTL fixed - the model will be textured properly after importing into 3D editing software like Blender, C4D etc.
  • Command line options "--zoom" and "--relief-amplifier" added to the 3D Viewer, so these parameters can be specified when opening the viewer from a script
  • Helicon Focus: various bugs fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 8.0.4 (10.02.2022)

  • Fixed crashing on using Paint with pattern brush
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 8.0.3 (10.02.2022)

  • Fixed crashing with OpenCL error during rendering (e.g. when your graphics card does not have enough video memory to complete rendering)
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 8.0.2 (04.02.2022)

  • Render preview - explore various combinations of rendering methods and parameters in real-time mode
  • Overlapping option added for substacks
  • Layer export speed-up
  • Multiple improvements and bug fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.7.5 (20.07.2021)

  • A plugin error when exporting from Lightroom fixed (only occurred on a small number of systems)
  • DNG format support added to the Capture One plugin on Mac
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.7.4 (22.06.2021)

  • Lightroom plugin improved to allow multiple parallel export tasks
  • Lightroom plugin: preset added for exporting raw to Helicon Focus in DNG format
  • OpenCL crash fixed that occurred when source images had significantly different sizes
  • OpenCL crash fixed that occurred when manual focus detection area was enabled
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.7.3 (16.06.2021)

  • A suggestion to install Adobe DNG Converter no longer shown when working with JPEG or TIFF images
  • Publishing of the resulting image to Facebook failure fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.7.2 (10.06.2021)

  • "CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE" error when activating OpenCL fixed for Intel graphics adapters
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.7.1 (25.05.2021)

  • Automatic brightness bug in OpenCL mode fixed
  • Method A OpenCL implementation fixed
  • Lightroom integration fixed for batch mode
  • Nvidia 9xx GPUs support fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.7.0 (22.04.2021)

  • OpenCL acceleration: all recent AMD graphics card supported (Radeon VII and other Vega variants, including workstation and mobile GPUs; Radeon 6900[XT], 6800[XT], 6700[XT])
  • Various bugs fixed
  • 'Add current sources' option in batch mode loads all files from the current source image list to batch mode. Now it's possible to split stacks exported from Lightroom
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.6.6 (27.11.2020)

  • CR3 raw format supported (but only when saving the results to DNG; saving to TIFF/JPG doesn't transfer the metadata)
  • Options to hide the tool bar and the status bar added in menu - View (useful for smaller screens)
  • Erroneous message "Cannot save project when another output was used as source" fixed
  • Color tint when exporting layers fixed
  • Numerous smaller bug fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.6.4 (27.07.2020)

  • Reliability improvements - a number of issues causing Helicon Focus to crash fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.6.3 (19.05.2020)

  • Multiple reliability improvements, bug fixes
  • User interface improvements: options to "Show grid" and "Hide source file name" are added under the View menu for retouching; missing keyboard shortcuts added (Save all, Open stack), previously existing shortcuts made visible in the menu
    (Zoom in/out, Folder monitor). Tab order in the "Preferences" dialog fixed
  • Batch processing: "Split stack" and "Apply parameters to other stacks" performance improved significantly
  • Projects can now be loaded in command line mode
  • Multiple "Save all" bugs fixed
  • AMD RX 5000 series graphics cards supported for OpenCL acceleration
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.6.1 (05.12.2019)

  • 30% speed up on CPU
  • Optimizations for AVX-512 capable processors
  • Apple notarization
  • 'Save All' feature added
  • Minor bug fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.5.8 (16.08.2019)

  • Incorrect trial version limitations bug fixed
  • Open recent option added
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.5.6 (08.07.2019)

  • Translation and help update
  • DNG converter update
  • Saving activation code for automatic registration
  • EXIF and XMP handling fixes
  • Watermark on saved images in registered Lite version bug fixed
  • Minor fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.5.4 (19.04.2019)

  • Colors in navigator window fixed for DNG stacks
  • Brush size per brush type preserve fix
  • Lauch without OpenCL if previous launch with OpenCL failed.
    --disable-opencl command line option added
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.5.3 (09.04.2019)

  • Fix DPI in output images
  • Fix saving 32bit float images to JPEG
  • Fix default JPEG quality setting
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.5.1 (04.03.2019)

  • OpenCL hardware acceleration (Pro license required)

Compatibility list:
NVidia 9xx, 10xx, 20xx series
AMD Radeon 4xx, 5xx series
Intel HD Graphics 5xx, 6xx series
At least 2Gb of VRAM is required

  • Raw codecs updated
  • Various ui improvements and bug fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.0.2 (28.09.2018)

  • Turning off "Adjust brightness" no longer produces artifacts
  • Fixed image thumbnails not being interpolated
  • Proper detection of missing source files when loading a project
  • Better logging of some issues so that bug reports are more helpful
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 7.0.1 (03.09.2018)

  • New feature: Folder Monitor - now Helicon Focus can monitor the specified folder and process the stack automatically once all the images of the stack are uploaded
  • New feature: Manual focus detection area adjustment (can be enabled in Preferences -> Autoadjustments): shows a blue rectangle of selection area and allows you to adjust the area of alignment of frames in the stack
  • New feature: Crop result image automatically (Preferences -> Autoadjustments): lets you auto-crop all images in the stack, e. g. when there are artifacts on the edge of the image, or when there's an are that lacks focus data. Cropping the image properly helps avoid focus stacking artifacts induced by such useless areas
  • User interface somewhat reworked, the list of rendering results moved to the bottom of the window. The minimum allowed height of the main window has been reduced, it can now fit the screen on some laptops where previously the window was too large for the screen
  • Method B reworked, it now produces good image in some of the difficult cases that previously resulted in artifacts
  • Performance improved, especially on multi-core systems
  • Memory consumption optimized, it is now bound to a certain fraction of system's total memory (configurable in Preferences -> Performance). Within that limit, Helicon Focus will use as much memory as possible to avoid re-computing things, and, ultimately, to speed up rendering
  • Disk cache optimized to avoid situations when all the free space is used up by Helicon Focus
  • Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.8.0 (05.10.2017)

  • Updated Adobe DNG converter
  • Minor performance improvements
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.7.1 (27.05.2016)

  • Lightroom integration: Helicon Focus no longer exits automatically upon saving the rendering result
  • 3D viewer crash fixed on Windows
  • Batch processing, command line mode: TIFFs are now saved with LZW compression by default
  • Some other minor improvements
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.7.0 (17.05.2016)

  • Adobe DNG converter made the default raw decoder
  • Fixed the image loading error when Adobe DNG converter is used and importing a raw images takes longer than 30 seconds
  • Fixed the retouching brush not updating after loading a different source image until the cursor is moved
  • Support for TIFF files with non-integer number of bytes per channel added (e. g. 12 bits)
  • 3D model now correctly gets the retouched depth map
  • IIQ raw format support added
  • The Windows Helicon Focus executable is now large address-aware, which means it can utilize more than 2GB RAM on 32-bit Windows systems
  • Batch processing: the list of source stacks can now be sorted by various columns
  • Some more minor bugs fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.6.1 (07.03.2016)

  • Minor performance improvements
  • Fixed "phantom" brush strokes that were sometimes applied when switching source images
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.6.0 (01.03.2016)

  • 3D Viewer video export error on OS X fixed
  • Fixed saving results as DNG in batch processing mode
  • Drag and drop support implemented for the batch processing dialog
  • Fixed splitting stacks by shooting time
  • Fixed a couple errors in managing stacks in the batch processing dialog
  • Silent compilation: fixed the message about missing DNG converter
  • Color profile is now properly applied in silent compilation mode
  • Fixed rendering grayscale (single-channel) and 4-channel (alpha) images (all processing modes)
  • Output image DPI is always set to the value specified in Helicon Focus settings now
  • Rendering performance improved on multi-core CPUs
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.5.3 (28.01.2016)

  • Minor issues fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.5.2 (13.01.2016)

  • Fixed the program freezing on startup on some machines where it has never been run before
  • EXIF metadata is now properly transferred to the resulting images in batch processing mode
  • Fixed a crash or lockup when cancelling render in progress
  • Error handling improved in some cases
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.5.1 (23.12.2015)

  • Fixed a critical problem that occurred if the cache folder was not accessible
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.5.0 (15.12.2015)

  • New feature: video import (opens video files, automatically extracts frames and loads them as source images for further focus stacking)
  • Fixed an issue with the "Split stacks by time" function in the batch processing dialog: the wrong EXIF time tag was taken into account so the results were incorrect sometimes. Additionally, the time resolution is now improved from 1 minute to 1 second
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.4.3 (13.11.2015)

  • Fixed an error that could cause black pixels to appear on the edge of the final image
  • Fixed a minor error in the Publish to Web tool
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.4.2 (06.11.2015)

  • Fixed an occasional crash during stack rendering
  • Fixed a crash when opening and/or saving files. Reboot may be required after installing the update for the fix to take effect
  • Fixed the saved/unsaved status indicator (asterisk) in the results list - now it correctly marks the stacks that have not been saved yet, or have been edited after saving
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.4.1 (02.11.2015)

  • Fixed a rare render issue
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.4.0 (30.10.2015)

  • New feature: the resulting image can be shared on Facebook
  • A few minor user interface improvements
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.3.8 (13.10.2015)

  • Retouching: fixed a crash when trying to use another output as source
  • Retouching: fixed an error that was preventing you from retouching pixels that are entirely on the source image
  • Panorama stitching crash fixed
  • Focus stacking progress indicator fixed
  • Another rare crash fixed
  • Added support for dropping folders (including arbitrary number of subfolders) the same ways you drop files
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.3.7 (25.09.2015)

  • Fixed the memory consumption issue that appeared in 6.3.6
  • Fixed the image loading error when changing the RAW codec while an image preview was loading
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.3.6 (23.09.2015)

  • Many minor stability fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.3.5 (24.06.2015)

  • Many minor stability fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.3.3 (18.05.2015)

  • Fixed bug with DNG in batch mode
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.3.2 (29.04.2015)

  • Improved export layers functionality
  • Added Texture only option for retouching brushes
  • Many minor stability fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.3.0 (25.02.2015)

  • RAW-in-DNG-out mode, which allows to process RAW files in native color space and save result as DNG file
  • Many stability and performance fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.2.2 (05.09.2014)

  • Bug with saving TIFFs is fixed
  • New method of autosplitting panorama and HDR stacks
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.2.0 (07.07.2014)

  • New Enqueue stacks window for processing of multiple folders
  • Splitting stacks by number, time interval and exposure
  • RAW development with native Mac OS X codecs
  • Retouching using other output images
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.1.2 (10.06.2014)

  • Fixed bug with saving TIFF files
  • Fixed DPI info in output bug
  • Fixed Lightroom plugin bug
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.1.0 (25.04.2014)

  • Raw development settings
  • WIC support for RAW files (Windows only)
  • Command line mode fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 6.0.18 (29.11.2013)

  • Better performance and scalability
  • Simpler and faster interface
  • Asynchronous stacking
  • Ability to save projects and continue retouching later
  • Better RAW handling
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 5.3.14 (20.09.2013)

  • Image alignment procedure updated
  • Integration with Helicon Remote improved
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 5.3.12 (11.07.2013)

  • Fixed bug with AMD Phenom processors
  • Updated image alignment procedure
  • Minor interface improvements
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 5.3.11 (13.06.2013)

  • Image alignment routine optimized
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) 5.3.10 (26.03.2013)

  • Added support of WIC codecs for RAW files
  • Helicon Remote moved to separate installation
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Premium) (20.11.2012)

  • Helicon Remote v. 2.6.0
  • Helicon Remote : experimental support for Nikon D600
  • Helicon Remote : support for long exposures (BULB mode)
  • Helicon Remote : calculation of DOF/hyperfocal distance is fixed (was wrong with some cameras previously)
  • Helicon Remote : other minor bugfixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.3.7 (29.08.2012)

  • Helicon Remote v. 2.5.8
  • Helicon Remote : Experimental support for video recording (with live view) on Nikon D5100 / D7000 / D800 / D4, Canon 1d Mk IV / 5D Mk II / 5D Mk III / 7D / 60D / 500D / 550D / 600D / 1100D
  • Helicon Remote : Shooting without live view is now possible on any camera if the preference "Disable live view during shooting" is set and the lens is in manual focusing mode. All Nikon cameras can save pictures to memory card in this mode
  • Helicon Remote : Hyperfocal distance calculator added
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.3.6 (26.07.2012)

  • Improved open and save dialogs
  • Helicon Remote v. 2.5.4
  • Helicon Remote : fixed bugs with Canon 5D MkIII and Nikon D800 cameras
  • Helicon Remote : fixed bugs with focusing in portrait mode
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.3.4 (22.05.2012)

  • Fixed error when saving to TIFF file
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.3.3 (10.05.2012)

  • New stacking method added. Method C (pyramid) handles long stack and intersecting objects well
  • Alignment algorithms improved
  • Helicon Remote v. 2.4.4
  • Helicon Remote: Added support for Nikon D800/D4
  • Storing images to camera is now supported for Nikon D5100, D7000, D3s, D3x, D800, D4
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.2.16 (21.12.2011)

  • UAC compatibility fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.2.15 (02.12.2011)

  • Fixed bugs on Vista 32 bit
  • Helicon Remote v. 2.3.14
  • Helicon Remote: Improved error handling for some Canon cameras
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.2.14 (28.11.2011)

  • Helicon Remote v. 2.3.13
  • Helicon Remote: Fixed some bugs with Canon 550D
  • Helicon Remote: Fixed bugs with download of images on Canon camera
  • Helicon Remote: Overall stability improvements
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.2.11 (28.10.2011)

  • Possibility to add multiple stacks from the same folder added
  • Helicon Remote v. 2.3.10
  • Helicon Remote: Direct PTP camera access implemented which allows to support newest cameras
  • Helicon Remote: Many interface enhancements such as focusing progress
  • Helicon Remote: Possibility to define size of >,>> and >>> steps
  • Helicon Remote: Control over acceleration and torque for Trinamic steppers
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.2.9 (06.09.2011)

  • Minor interface updates
  • Helicon Remote v. 2.2.7
  • Helicon Remote: Updated Nikon SDK to support D5100
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.2.8 (21.07.2011)

  • Minor interface and stability fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.2.7 (1.07.2011)

  • Fixed problems with image scrolling in some cases
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.2.6 (24.06.2011)

  • Fixed Vista32 specific bugs
  • Helicon Remote v. 2.2.5
  • Helicon Remote: Fixed bug with AutoFocus for Nikon cameras
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.2.4 (11.06.2011)

  • Much improved performance (twice as fast on most images)
  • Added ability to save project to continue retouching after program restart
  • Much improved retouching with live brush preview and fast source image selection
  • Dark color scheme added and is used by default
  • Helicon Remote v. 2.2.4
  • Helicon Remote: Added support for Canon EOS 600D and EOS 1100D
  • Helicon Remote: Stability fixes and minor inteface changes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.29 (15.03.2011)

  • Helicon Remote v. 2.0.16
  • Helicon Remote: fixes for Canon T1i/500D, Canon 60D
  • Helicon Remote: StackShot rails can be used now without camera
  • Helicon Remote: step size for stepper devices can be set in millimeters, inches and degrees
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.28 (07.03.2011)

  • Helicon Remote v. 2.0.15
  • Helicon Focus: new control to automatically downsize images
  • Helicon Remote: new design for focus bracketing panel
  • Helicon Remote: auto mode for focus bracketing
  • Helicon Remote: many stability imrovements
  • Helicon Remote: fixed for Nikon D7000, D300, D3
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.27 (01.02.2011)

  • Helicon Remote v. 2.0.14
  • Helicon Remote: full manual mode for exposure bracketing
  • Helicon Remote: fixes for Nikon D300, D700, D3, D3s, D7000
  • Helicon Remote: improvement in interface and minor bug fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.26 (21.01.2011)

  • Helicon Remote: a few more fixes for Nikon D7000
  • Helicon Focus: minor interface fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.25 (13.01.2011)

  • Helicon Remote updated, bugs Nikon D7000 and D3s fixed
  • Minor interface changes to Helicon Focus
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.23 (24.12.2010)

  • Helicon Remote 2.0 beta with support of Stack Shot and stepper motors added
  • Minor changes in Helicon Focus interface
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.19 (14.09.2010)

  • Shortcuts to select source image for retouching added
  • Added workaround for bugs in Vista 32bit
  • Updated RAW converters
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.12 (28.07.2010)

  • Stability improved
  • Some interface bugs fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.9 (02.07.2010)

Helicon Focus:

  • Fixed crash in single window mode
  • Fixed bug when choosing new scale

Helicon Remote:

  • Fixed bug with focusing in MLU mode
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.8 (16.06.2010)

Helicon Focus:

  • Improved memory management
  • Updated RAW libraries

Helicon Remote:

  • Added support for Canon 550D
  • Fixed bug with refocusing on Canon 7D
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.1.2 (09.04.2010)

  • Fixed bugs with scale tab
  • Improved file sorting
  • Helicon Remote: Fixed bugs with Canon 7D and 500D
  • Helicon Remote: Fixed error under Vista
  • Helicon Remote: Fixed bug with RAW shooting
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.0.11 (17.03.2010)

  • RAW libraries updated
  • Minor bugs with method A and 3D Viewer fixed
  • Helicon Remote: Time lapse shooting added
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.0.10 (18.02.2010)

  • Helicon Remote: Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Helicon Remote: Added support for Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS 7D, EOS Kiss X3/EOS REBEL T1i /EOS 500D, Nikon D5000
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 5.0.6 (10.12.2009)

  • Export of semitransparent layers is now possible in Pro and X64 versions
  • Image browser window updated to work correctly with large number of images
  • Export plug-in for Adobe Lightroom is now available to impove workflow
  • Helicon Remote, utility for automated focus, exposure bracketing and remote shooting included into installation
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 4.80 (30.06.2009)

  • Brightness adjustment redesigned and enabled by default
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 4.77 (19.05.2009)

  • Show map option added on the retouching to make it more efficient
  • Depth map feathering added allowing more control on merging source images
  • Depth map can be saved now as full resolution image
  • RAW libraries updated
  • A problem with false positive virus warning solved
  • The bug with 16 bit images fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Pro X64) 4.70.5 Beta1 (02.02.2009)

  • Advanced interpolation methods added (Laczos, Sinc256)
  • New server architecture implemented (x64 version only) to access more memory on 32 and 64 bit systems
  • RAW libraries updated
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Multiprocessor) 4.62 (15.12.2008)

  • RAW libraries updated
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Multiprocessor) 4.61 (06.11.2008)

  • 3D model can be exported into widely supported Wavefront OBJ format
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Multiprocessor) 4.60 (beta) (24.09.2008)

  • Helicon 3D Viewer added enabling 3D visualization of the stack
  • Improved algorithm of image alignment in difficult cases
  • Fixed bug with brighness adjustment
  • RAW libraries updated
Helicon Focus (Lite,
Pro, Multiprocessor)
4.50 (29.07.2008)

  • New RAW converter (Adobe DNG Converter) added
  • RAW libraries for embedded converter updated
  • A bug with micropanorama solved
Helicon Focus (Lite,
Pro, Multiprocessor)
4.48 (09.06.2008)

  • Memory management optimized for big images
  • Bugs with Dust map fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite,
Pro, Multiprocessor)
4.47 (14.04.2008)

  • 3rd party dlls were updated. Some antivirus programs gave false virus alarm with the current components
Helicon Focus (Lite,
Pro, Multiprocessor)
4.46 (24.03.2008)

  • Bug with retouching 16 bit images fixed
  • Minor design changes made
Helicon Focus (Lite,
Pro, Multiprocessor)
4.40 (23.01.2008)

  • New stacking method added
  • Memory and speed optimization performed especially for multiprocessor computers
  • RAW libraries updated
Helicon Focus (Lite,
Pro, Multiprocessor)
4.30  (18.12.2007)

  • Panorama function added (available in Pro and MP versions)
  • Better support for big (60Mp+) images
  • Minor changes in interface and bug fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite,
Pro, Multiprocessor) 4.21 (7.09.2007)

  • Better support for big (30Mp+) images
  • Support for 3Gb of RAM instead of standard 2Gb limit
    (/3GB flag should be set in Boot.ini, details here)
  • Minor changes in interface and bug fixes
Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Multiprocessor) 4.20 (8.08.2007, English version only)

  • Undo feature for retouching brushes
  • RAW libraries updated
  • Bug with 16 bit images on retouching tab fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite,
Pro, Multiprocessor) 4.16 (17.04.2007)

  • DCRAW, alternative RAW converter added
  • Better support for high resolution (30+Mp) images
  • Design updated to increase readability
  • RAW libraries updated
  • Bug on exit fixed
Helicon Focus (Lite,
Pro, Multiprocessor) 4.10.2  (8.03.2007)

1. Batch processing is now available to Pro and MP users
2. Web-based animations of the source image stack can be created
3. Design updated
4. RAW libraries updated

Helicon Focus (Lite, Pro, Multiprocessor) 4.03  (7.09.2006)

  • 1. Error with Help window was fixed
  • 2. Multiprocessor support is now available. Current Pro users can upgrade to Multiprocessor version for free. Send a request to our support (support@heliconsoft.com)
  • 3. German, French, Spanish, Italian languages are now supported for interface and help files
  • 4. Ability to call Helicon Filter to enhance resulting image added
  • 5. Text functions updated. Multi-line text is now available
  • 6. "Select every second/third image" commands added to speed up processing of very long stacks
  • 7. Design slightly changed
Helicon Focus (Lite and Pro) 4.01  (25.07.2006)

  • 1. Retouching functions added to Pro version, replacing Opacity map feature
  • 2. Scale bar and text can  now be added to the resulting image
  • 3. Speed of the processing is much improved
  • 4. RAW libraries updated to support Canon 30D, Fuji S3 Pro, Pentax *istDL, Sony R1 cameras
  • 5. Automatic online registration added
Helicon Focus (Lite and Pro) 3.20  (21.11.2005)

Version for Windows

  • Only RAW libararies were updated
Helicon Focus (Lite and Pro) 3.10  (14.03.2005)

3.10 version:

  • Enhanced performance (1.5x compared to 3.00 version)
  • Pro version with editable opacity maps

3.00 version:

  • Automatic adjustment and resize of adjacent images
  • "Dust map" feature
  • Support for RAW files and  16bit TIFFs