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We make innovative software for creative photographers. The art of photography is infinite with the right tools - go beyond the limits.

Our Software
  • Helicon Remote Helicon Remote

    Tethered photography for Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras: automates focus (DoF) bracketing, which allows precise and uniform steps, advanced exposure bracketing and time-lapse shooting—even all these combined if necessary. Tethered photography makes focus stacking more accurate, reproducible, and higher quality than can be achieved with manual shots.

  • Helicon Filter Helicon Filter

    A complete image editing package. The problem-oriented interface and contextual help system mean you’ll be up and running in no time at all: image
    editing has never been easier! With smart tools for cropping, straightening, brightness, contrast, white balance and other routines, the software is very
    easy to learn to use. And the task-oriented retouching brushes let you create superb portraits in minutes.

  • Helicon 3D Viewer Helicon 3D Viewer

    View, manipulate and export 3D models generated by Helicon Focus, plus export parallel and cross-view stereo pairs, different types of anaglyph images, web animations, and even videos. With focus stacking and Helicon 3D Viewer you can add an extra dimension to your photography without much effort.

  • filmstrip with pictures of smiling holiday people Helicon Photo Safe

    Manage tens of thousands of images using a handy two-panel layout and password protect private images. The software includes side-by-side comparison view, quick editor, printing, burning, upload to Picasa, Facebook, and Flickr, advanced search possibilities and much more. Even stereo images are also supported!


"The software is surprisingly easy to use and produces stunning results with the default settings. Helicon Focus will also allow the power user to alter the output based on a number of settings."

Craig Lamson

"Without too much fuss Helicon focus has created an image more than a little impossible a few years ago. I have been a professional film-maker and photographer for more than twenty years and I have never been more impressed by a software."

Julian Brooks

Helicon Focus is a fantastic program from Helicon Soft that was originally designed for macro photography, but it can also be applied to other types of images, such as landscapes, gardens, still-life photography, and even architecture.

Jim Zuckerman