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Photomicrographer Captures the Stunning, Jagged Landscapes Inside Gemstones
"...There is beauty in imperfection. In fact, imperfection might be considered the subject within a subject that photomicrographer Danny Sanchez tirelessly seeks out to create his stunning photography. Sanchez’s main subjects are gemstones, but the colorful, alien ‘landscapes’ he captures are made up of imperfections called ‘inclusions’ that actually make a gem less valuable. You might say that one gem merchant’s trash is a gem photographer’s treasure..."
Focus Stacking, Part 2: Helicon Focus Pro (Glenn Randall)
"...Focus-stacking promises to achieve the seemingly impossible: creating images with near-infinite depth of field, from the tiniest tundra flower just inches from the lens to the most distant peaks. In part one of my focus-stacking articles, I described the best shooting technique in the field and how to use Photoshop CC 2014 to merge the focus-stacked images. In this blog post I’ll discuss Helicon Focus, a dedicated focus-stacking program that can produce still better results..."
Focus Stacking made simple!
"...To get all the subject on focus it is necessary to use the focus stacking method. The camera shoots photos while it is moved from far to close to the subject. Each picture will have a portion of the subject on focus. Specialized software, such as Helicon Focus, takes care of elaborate all the stacked images and produce a resulting picture that is all on focus..."
Recenzja programu - Helicon Focus (Radosław Gałuszka)
"...Ponieważ ostatnio zacząłem bardziej interesować się fotografią produktową, czy też fotografią makro, postanowiłem Wam przedstawić jeden z lepszych, o ile nie najlepszy, program do robienia zdjęć stackowych, które to w świetny sposób ułatwiają nam robienie zdjęć przedmiotom o, głównie, niewielkich rozmiarach..."
Stunning Textures Photo Contest Announcing Winners!
"...Up for two months, this contest brought together Helicon Focus lovers and photography enthusiasts from all over the world. The winners got a set of Helicon Focus licenses worth a total of 555 US dollars! Congratulations to our prizetakers!..."
Hand Held Focus Stacking (Keith Passaur)
"...There are numerous methods to shoot properly aligned, focused and spaced images for stacking...I focus, take the shot, move the camera closer and repeat the process, usually I close my eyes after the first shot of the stack. So you can be assured that there is a trick to it as I can shoot evenly spaced images with my eyes closed..."
Extreme Close-Up Photography and Focus Stacking (Julian Cremona)
"...This practical book explains what is meant by macro photography and how to get even closer to your subject: not just a close-up of a butterfly, but details of the eye and wing scales. Techniques suited to any budget look at ways to photograph virtually any creature, whether terrestrial, marine or from freshwater. All the key elements to achieve extreme close-ups are built in a clear way, for both outdoor and studio use, and special attention is given to focus stacking, with both software and further enhancements covered..."
Paths to Artistic Imaging in Photoshop. How to Create Stunning Photographic Art From Capture to Processing (Russell Brown)
"...I have been a professional photographer for thirty years and have amassed a substantial knowledge of most aspects of image capture and processing. Recently, I began working with Focus-Stacking images, using Helicon Focus and when I had the idea to write a book on artistic digital imaging, I decided to include a chapter on this subject.
The book is 260 pages of methods for producing creative and artistic digital images, using Photoshop, as well as Helicon Focus and other software.
Information is on my website at www.russbrownart.com and the book is available from Amazon, at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0987574604..."
Focus Stacking images (Russell Brown)
"...The usual method of stopping down the lens to give more, only helps a little and unfortunately adds blurring through lens diffraction, defeating the purpose somewhat.
Happily these days, as with many other areas of photography, digital image processing has come to the rescue..."
Using rails for macro shots, specialized flash, macro lens, etc. (Agustín Uzárraga)
"...Helicon Focus, which allows us to achieve results that would otherwise be impossible or nearly impossible to accomplish..."
Helicon Remote the greatest thing since sliced bread (Aaron Burns)
"...Art is more than technology but technology has been helping art since cavemen learned to create charcoal for drawing. Using Helicon Remote is the next step in that evolution...."
Review: Helicon Focus Pro x64 (it-enquirer.com)
"...Its main use is for macro photography and microscopic photography, but it does wonders to beat the diffraction problem on landscape photography as well..."
Brief survey of focus stacking technique and software (P. Chong)
"...I highly recommend Helicon Focus for those who are serious about focus stacking..."
Focus Stacking and stereoscopic imaging using Helicon Focus (Dr. Paul Whitby)
"...Focus stacking and stereoscoping imaging are some unique new ways to take your photography further. Not many things make me stand back and say "wow", but that was recently the case..."
Helicon Remote - making focus stacking precise and foolproof (Paul Harcourt Davies)
"...The name Helicon will be familiar to many photographers for their Helicon Focus image stacking software – out of the same stable comes a revolutionary program – Helicon Remote that allows tethered shooting with fine control of focusing for stacks and of precise exposure for HDR..with both together if you so wish..."
Enhanced Bryophyte Photomicrography Using Helicon Focus (Mick Burton)
"...The transparency of most bryophyte material meant this was not as straight forward as for an opaque subject, such as an insect. However, that feature did allow the microscope's transmitted light to be used. The software produces substantially improved final images over those from a single exposure, especially for complex images with several structures protruding beyond / above the leaf surface and when the leaf surface was curved..."
Helicon Focus - yet another 'show us your pictures' (Charlie Comstock)
"...It is just about impossible to have everything in sharp focus from 6" away from the camera to 50' or more. Sure a macro lens can focus very closely, but then everything else in the picture is blurred..."
Taking pictures through a Microscope - on a shoestring. (Brian Norman)
"...even with a fairly small budget (around £300 including microscope, camera, software) you can take fantastic pictures through a microscope..."
Want Complete Depth of Field? (Jim Zuckerman)
"...I usually use f/8 because that is the "sweet spot"—typically, it's the sharpest f/stop in a lens. You could use a larger lens aperture if necessary and get equally good results while using Helicon Focus. It is indeed remarkable to get a completely sharp picture from front to rear with a long lens or with a macro setup when the lens aperture is only f/8..."
Des photos flous ? La solution HELICON FOCUS (Denis Bourgeois)
"...C'est pour cette raison que la plupart des photographies rapprochées que vous prenez ou que vous admirez chez les autres comportent de très grandes zones de flou. Autant ce flou peut être utilisé pour donner un effet artistique, autant c'est un obstacle lorsque l'on veut obtenir une photo nette de partout, notamment pour un usage scientifique..."
Using Helicon Focus to Best Advantage: Refining your technique (Dr. Martin N. Abelson)
"...F8 is preferable to smaller lens openings because all lenses resolve better at f8 than at smaller apertures..."
Shooting Flowers with Helicon Focus (Russ Greene)
"...When you get in really close you see things that you can't very well observe with the naked eye. It's like a whole other world..."
Helicon Focus. Stacking Photomicrographic Images (Better Photographs)
"...My particular interest in image stacking comes from the desire to produce photomicrographs of butterfly and moth scales, pollen grains and other minute plant structures with far more depth of field than I could obtain with film..."
Rapid and Inexpensive Reconstruction of 3D Structures for Micro-Objects Using Common Optical Microscopy Rapid and Inexpensive Reconstruction of 3D Structures for Micro-Objects Using Common Optical Microscopy (Viatcheslav Berejnov)
"...Using Helicon Focus we reconstruct the 3D surface of the three very different microscopic samples: the optical calibration standard, the regular square mesh, and the microstructured irregular network of the carbon filaments. ..."
Líquen en 3d Líquen en 3d (Yuribass)
"...Explorando las posibilidades del software de Helicon Focus, he descubierto una herramienta sorprendente. Se trata de la capacidad de representar en 3d la escena que hemos fotografiado. ..."
Depth of Field Magic Depth of Field Magic (Keith Park)
"...The project is to produce a photograph we have labelled 'Impossible Money', it is a selection of coins..."
Tabletop Focus Challenge Tabletop Focus Challenge (Larry Guyer)
"...I was amazed, it was magical that a half dozen "mostly out-of-focus images could be assembled as one sharp, clear, perfectly aligned image. I'm a believer!..."
Extended Focus Images... Extended Focus Images... (Robin D. Myers)
"...When combined by Helicon Focus, the resulting image is sharp from corner to corner..."
"...It is, I suspect, the first arguably mature form of a tool which makes possible a whole new way of working with cameras, even when the subject matter is challenging due to movement..."
Improving My Photography, An Inquiry Into Lens Diffraction (Bill Lockhart)
"...And, in the meantime, I will think about buying a good tilt shift lens, but frankly, why not just buy the Helicon Focus software and save myself about $1,200?..."
Depth of Field (Ashok Kandimalla)
"...As a thumb rule remember that stopping down the aperture by two stops will double the DOF range..."
Wildlife Photography. July 2005 (Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's)
"...I rarely get excited about software, if for no other reason than I simply don't have the time to learn something new..."
Wildlife Photography. August 2006 (Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's)
"...Each shot showed only a small area in focus, but the Helicon Focus filter blended them seamlessly into a final shot that was, one, in complete focus and, two, had a larger image size than I could have obtained when I tried to shoot both insects parallel..."
Unlimited Sharpness With Helicon Focus. Helicon Focus gives you the ability to cheat depth-of-field limitations Unlimited Sharpness With Helicon Focus. Helicon Focus gives you the ability to cheat depth-of-field limitations (George D. Lepp And Kathryn Vincent Lepp)
"...Now another barrier—the physical limits of depth of field—is overcome by software called Helicon Focus....
MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro lens, nice to meet you (Bart_van_der_Wolf)
"...Because the total DOF at the optimal aperture (f/8.0) is only something like 0.14 mm, it requires the stacking of multiple focus plane shots to get a reasonable DOF coverage, and Helicon Focus is one of those applications that makes life a lot easier if you have to do a lot of focus stacking..."
The Focal Lengths Of Macro (George D. Lepp)
"...The longer focal length of the 180mm lens kept the background out of focus while I rendered the buds sharp using five exposures and Helicon Focus software..."
Digital Basics For Outdoor Photography (George D. Lepp)
"...New software can even help you produce images with nearly unlimited depth of field..."
Wildlife Photography. May-June 2008. More on the Helicon Focus Filter (Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's)
"...The Helicon Focus filter will do it, provided I can get a snake to sit still long enough!..."
Image Stacking with Helicon Focus (Peter Fotes)
"...Stacking two lenses using a filter ring made for this purpose to get in a bit closer..."
Helicon Focus. An insanely great application (Thomas Pindelski)
"...So any time you need extreme depth of field and your subject is stationary, this $30 application is just what the doctor ordered..."
Making a Helicon Macroscope (Julian Brooks)
"...Helicon focus has provided a simple and enormously effective way of addressing this problem using image or focus stacks..."

Articles in German:


Motorisches Stacking am Mikroskop mit dem Helicon-Remote-Programm (Karl Deckart)
"...Helicon-Remote ist eines der bewährten und erschwinglichen Stacking-Programme für ausgewählte Nikon- und Canon-Kameras. Im beschriebenen Fall ist es eine Canon 5D Mark II die mittels eines mechanischen Adapters auf einem Nikon-Mikroskop verwendet wird, sie ist dauerhaft an einen entsprechenden Netzadapter angeschlossen..."
Tutorial & Wettbewerb: Besser als Photoshop! Jederzeit knackig scharfe Makrofotos (Marco Kolditz)
"...In diesem Tutorial präsentiere ich Euch das Programm Helicon Focus, mit dem Ihr zukünftig stets knackig scharfe Makrofotos zaubern könnt - weitaus besser und schneller als in Photoshop!..."
Überall scharf (Maximilian Weinzierl)
"...Die neue Helicon-Remote-Software ist nicht nur bei extremen Makroaufnahmen einsetzbar; auch bei Sachaufnahmen im Nah- und Normalbereich stellt die automatisierte Aufnahme des Bilderstapels eine erhebliche Arbeitserleichterung dar..."
Extremmakros mit Helicon Focus (Rainer Werle)
"...Gängige Makroobjektive bieten die Möglichkeit, Bilder bis zu einem Abbildungsmaßstab von 1:1 zu erstellen. Aber auch extreme akroaufnahmen mit Abbildungsmaßstäben von 1:1 bis ca. 20:1 sind mit relativ einfachen Mitteln möglich. Wichtig ist dabei neben verschiedenen technischen Tricks auch eine Software wie Helicon Focus, die es ermöglicht, die extrem kleine Schärfentiefe solcher Aufnahmen durch die Technik des Focus Stackings zu erweitern..."
Helicon Focus 4.2.1 (Franz Szabo)
"...Mit Helicon Focus 4.2.1 lassen sich in hervorragender Weise zwei oder mehr Fotos mit unterschiedlichen Scharfenebenen zu einem Foto mit Superscharfentiefe kombinieren. Das funktioniert sowohl im Makrobereich, wie auch in der Architektur- oder Landschaftsfotografie..."
Helicon Focus Pro in deutscher Sprache erschienen (Golem.de)
"...Bei einer ausreichenden Zahl von Fotos können so Makroaufnahmen erzeugt werden, die keine Unschärfen mehr enthalten. Helicon Focus Pro ist nun in deutscher Sprache erhältlich..."
HeliconSoft bringt Helicon Focus Pro in deutscher Sprache (digitalkamera.de)
"...Keine Einschränkung der Schärfentiefe verspricht der Hersteller bei der nun auch in deutscher Sprache veröffentlichten Bildbearbeitungssoftware Helicon Focus Pro..."
Der Weg zum rundum scharfen Bild (News Digital)
"...Entwickler aus der Ukraine haben eine Software entwickelt, welche die Gesetze der Optik überwindet..."
Durchgehende Schärfentiefe wird mit der Software Helicon Focus Pro im Handumdrehen erzeugt (Photoshop Creative)
"...Schade, wen sich der Fotograf bei einem atemberaubenden Motiv aufgrund technischer Widrigkeiten entscheiden muss, welche Teile des Objektes ganz scharf abgebildet werden sollen und welche in Unschärfe untergehen..."
HeliconSoft Helicon Focus (digitalkamera.de)
"...Mit dem Einzug der digitalen Fotografie sind viele technische Möglichkeiten entstanden, welche mit analoger Technik nur schwer bzw. unmöglich umzusetzen waren..."
Macro-Schärfenzonen mit Helicon Focus (DOCMA)
"...Ein schnelles und komfortables Mittel, um mehrere Makro-Fotos zu vereinigen, die jeweils in einer engen Ebene scharf sind, ist auch Helicon Focus von Globell..."
Der Scharfmacher (Foto Digital)
"...Es klingt ein wenig nach Zauberei: Von vorn bis hinten knackenschärfe Nahaufnahmen mit hohem VergrößerungsMaßstab, fotografiert mit offener Blende..."
Scheibchenweise scharf (d.pixx)
"...Besonders im Nahbereich kommt die Schärfenzone irgendwann ganz schnell an ihre Grenze. Abhilfe soll hier die Software Focus Pro von Helicon schaffen, die aus vielen Aufnahmen ein Bild mit perfekter Schärfe zusammenbaut..."