Featured Flickr images

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Our Flickr group brought together several hundreds of creative enthusiasts. Interesting discussions, contests and opinions - all this awaits you in our Flickr community.

Be a part of it, share your images and experience, enjoy friendly and informal communication with fellow photographers. Now have a look at some of the featured focus stacked images and click to see more:

©Rayke Wagey, Moth scale, 170 image stack

©Rayke Wagey, Odontomachus Sp.,90 image stack

©Grégoire de Finance, Fruits d'automne, 7 image stack

©Melanie Kern-Favilla, Muscari

©Jefferson Allan, Mosca-varejeira,
42 image stack

©Maxwel Rocha, Brazilian wandering spider, 25 image stack

©Cybermystic, Spirogira conjugation

©Anthony Worsdell, Ranunculus flower, 30 images

©Luis Javier Preciado, Murex Nigrispinosus

©Domingo Roldan, Mosca de la fruta, 174 image stack

©Claude-Alain Berdoz, Volvariella surrecta, 50 image stack

©Matthew Schwartz, Shell, 8 image stack

©Peter A. Blacksberg, Sunflower Detail in Old Age

©Thomas Keller, Walnut, 64 image stack

©Hans-Börje Jansson, Fuchsia

©Terry Olsen, Lemon Balm

©José Almodóvar, Magnolia, 15 image stack

©Rogelio Moreno, Ceriodaphnia sp., 78 image stack

©Rayke Wagey, Water Strider, 130 image stack

©Tom Malinski, Fire Dance, 18 image stack

©JZ_Photography, Dandelion 3, 18 image stack

©Maxwel Rocha, Water drop helmet, 30 image stack

©Nenad Mandic, Ash, 50 image stack

©Mike Vande Ven Jr., Macro Ridges 2, 7 images

©Stephen Reed, Moth Orchid

©Domingo Roldan, Promachus sp., 71 image stack