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Note: we are not professional photographers! Rather, we are just humble programmers. So the examples we're showing you (see below) are what other people have done with the help of our software.

To see more images you can either google for images using the keywords, "Helicon Focus, " search for images that have been tagged with "helicon focus" in Flickr, or visit some galleries listed on our Links page.

Click to see the original files.

Fly ©Charles Krebs

Flying bee ©Paulo Lataes

Copper crystal 4 mm in edge ©Honorio Cócera

Spessartine garnet ©David Sheumack

Cyclops ©Charles Krebs

Cicada ©Brent Bristol

Demo stacks with source images

The following stacks have been made available by Helicon Focus users. These stacks may be freely downloaded at no cost for testing Helicon Focus, demonstrations and marketing purposes. Please make sure to retain and include the copyright notice. If you want to share your results, please contact us.

Download stack (7.9 Mb)

Green Bug ©HTTin


Download stack (22.1 Mb)

Railroad model ©Enrico Curschellas


Download stack (0.8 Mb)

Material4 ©Peter Borschberg


Download stack (5.1 Mb)

Rifle ©Viktor Makaruk


Download stack (2.8 Mb)

Diamond ©Paul Kozub


Download stack (1.6 Mb)

Crystal ©Peter Lee


Download stack (1.7 Mb)

Ladybird ©Peter Lee


Download stack (2.1 Mb)

Cherry Blossom ©Peter Lee


Download stack (2.3 Mb)

Bottlebrush ©Russ Greene


Download stack (4.1 Mb)

Godetia ©Russ Greene