A bulb

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A bulb

Post by Giorgio PAPARELLE » 07.11.2018 22:52

Differences among the different ways to make a render.
A simple bulb.
I kept all the dust on the pictures, in order to compare each photo without post processing.
This is out of the box, with the numbers from the software by defaut.
May be the best result is the method C, borders are better although the reflexions are less well treated.But somehow the result is more natural that what seem to be a kind of "too much" in the other ways.
Still didn't try to mix the methods, this is gonna came later...
ampoule meth C.jpg
(5.56 MiB) Not downloaded yet
ampoule meth B.jpg
(4.68 MiB) Not downloaded yet
ampoule meth A.jpg
(3.86 MiB) Not downloaded yet

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