Helicon FB Tube

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Helicon FB Tube

Post by Anita » 20.08.2019 08:08

I have the helicon FB Tube on my EOS 7D II, the connection worked first.
Unfortunately, focus points are not set in all areas of the subject and the picture is blurred in some areas.
my settings are in the photo. What am I doing wrong and where do I have to set the first focus point?

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Re: Helicon FB Tube

Post by Catherine » 23.08.2019 17:15

Unfortunately, there was no picture attached to this post.
If I understand you correctly, you must be talking about the large size of the step between shots. In this case the step will be larger than the width of the DoF area, producing blurred areas on the image. If so, please try configuring the tube with a smaller step size: https://www.heliconsoft.com/helicon-fb-tube-configuration-utility/#recommended_step

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