Helicon 3D Viewer

Helicon 3D Viewer is a standalone and free utility which is included into Helicon Focus installation.
The program is designed to visualize 3D models generated by Helicon Focus and to export them into different formats.

Only Pro and Premium versions of Helicon Focus can produce 3D models. Lite version produces demo 3D models with promotional text.

Creating 3D Model

To create a 3D model, do the following:

Changing 3D Model's View

On the "View" tab of the right panel you can choose optimal parameters of the model representation.

Surface approximation select lets you choose the resolution of the mesh used to visualize surface of the model. Highest resolution is 512x512, high resolution is 256x256 and so on. Usually "normal quality" option gives the best combination of performance and image quality.

These arrow buttons are designed to rotate the object and obtain the projection from any angle. Click on the button to resets all angles to the predefined values.

These arrows allow to move light source aroung the object. Use these controls to create shadows stressing 3D relief of the surface.

"Zoom" slider changes the distance from the object.

"Rotation speed" defines how fast the object moves. Rotation speed is reset to zero if you manually move the object.

"Rotation angle" defines the tilt of the object during automatic rotation. Set this value to zero to rotate object around vertical axis.

"Invert surface" checkbox makes concave surface convex and vice versa.

"Relief amplifier" defines factor for z-values of the surface. Zero value makes the surface completely flat.

"Smoothing" slider controls degree of relief smoothing.

"Texture" checkbox can be used to hide texture and view color-coded relief. Red means high zones and blue means low zones.

"Draw bounding box" is used to stress 3D relief and give more visual information about thickness of the object.

"Background" button allows to select the color for background. It is recommended to select the background similar to background of the image.

"Reload" button reset all parameters to values stored in h3d file.

"Default View" button sets parameters to default values.

Saving and Re-opening 3D Model

After you made changes to model's representation you can save it. To save the model, select the "File" tab on the right panel and press "Save model". The model will be saved in *.h3d format. This format is only supported by Helicon 3D Viewer.

To open a previously saved model, press "Open model" button.

Exporting 3D Model

There are several options of exporting a 3D model.

JPEG Snapshot

Before saving a snapshot, stop the rotation of the model. To stop rotation, click on the model and rotate it as you wish to see it on the snapshot.

"Maximum size" defines the resolution of the resulting JPEG image.


Before saving a stereo image, stop the rotation of the model. To stop rotation, click on the model and rotate it as you wish to see it on the stereo.

"Maximum size" defines the resolution of the resulting image.

The "Angle" defines the difference between left and right views. Higher values give stronger 3D effect but may cause ghosting and difficulties to human visual system.

The "Type" defines how left and right views are represented  on the image. Please note that it is recommended to save anaglyphs as lossless png files. Jpeg images may cause ghosting effects due to compression artifacts.

Web Animation

This function generates a web page with an embedden java script. This is the simplest way to present moving 3D object on the web.


This function allows exporting model rotation into video file. Several video formats are available but some of them requre codec to be installed. Free XviD codec gives very high compression rate. 

The "Frames per second" parameter defines quality of the video.  Higher values will result in smoother movement and larger file size.

OBJ File

The "Export model" option allows exporting the model as a Wavefront.obj file, which will let you open and edit it with third-party 3D software.