Helicon Time Sync

Helicon Time Sync is a utility to synchronize time of images from different cameras.


You travel with your friends and finally you get hundreds of images made with several cameras or smartphones. Just copying them in one folder creates a mess: all images are named differently, time stamps differ. Images are just mixed in random order.

Helicon Time Sync lets you solve these problems in a few clicks:

  • automatic detection of time shift
  • manual synchronization by dragging images
  • saving synchronized images with custom names and fixed time
  • optional updating EXIF time

How to use Helicon Time Sync:

  1. Open images from one camera
  2. Open images from the other camera
  3. Drag image to similar one from other folder and drop before or after
  4. Check if all other images are in sync now. If not,  repeat previous step
  5. Save images to a new folder


Download demo version