Helicon Filter

Helicon Filter is not a usual image editor for beginners, it can offer you more than just basic operations many programs can cope with. You do not need any preliminary training or studying to start working – intuitive interface will give you all the answers. And once you get started with basics, you will be impressed by a comprehensive set of advanced features for more complicated and sophisticated image editing tasks.


Even if you've never done any image editing before and don't know what can be done to an image, with Helicon Filter you can learn it from the interface. The name of each tab will tell you about the typical tasks of image editing: adjusting brightness or colors, removing noise and aberrations, correcting distortions, sharpening etc. The basics tab contains all the main tools you might need for standard image editing, and each specific tab will provide you with all the advanced tools to go further.

Editing with Helicon Filter is non-destructive. It means that all the changes are made to the copy of the image created automatically, while the original image is kept safe. Moreover, any change made to the image can be cancelled at any time, even after the current editing session is over. You can check the full list of editing tools and features here.


Now that the editing's done, your images are ready to be printed. We know exactly what you might need when printing images, that's why we've created a reliable printing utility - Helicon Print. It includes all the adjustments you might need when printing not just a regular document, but a photograph. Easy to use and smoothly operating, it allows to change printer settings, to manipulate image size and positioning, to adjust the main parameters of the image like brightness, white balance, saturation and sharpening. Helicon Print takes into account all the specifics of image printing, unlike regular ones that were developed mainly for documents. In other words, it's a perfect printing tool for amateur and professional photographers.



Social networking and online communication have truly become an integral part of photographers' life and business activity. Our Helicon Web Gate utility integrated in Helicon Filter makes the process of uploading your images to social networks and main file hosting services really simple. But even if you do not have a current account, Helicon Filter makes it very easy to share links to your images. A single click will automatically convert the image, resize it to be published online and upload it to Helicon Soft secure server. In just few seconds you'll get a unique URL that you can send to any of your colleagues and friends or post it online.

Be creative

Your personal creativity of a photographer or an artist needs tools to emerge. Helicon Filter enables all kinds of artisitc image alterations - from more simple ones like adding text and frames to truly professional effects. Create vignetting, add tilt focus and colors effects, saturate or desaturate specific colors, add half-toning, color monochrome images digitaly and use the whole range of tools separately or in combination. Now your creativity is not limited by technology, but enhanced by it. Please have a look at the full list of tools and effects here.

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You may read more about Helicon Filter, but we suggest that you just download the trial version and try it out yourself.