Helicon Photo Safe – Features

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Pro features

QuickSearch bar You can find images by simply typing name, keyword, exposure, etc.
Multi-threaded scanning engine We rebuilt the program to use all available processors while scanning new images.
More cloud services DropBox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive, BoxNetDrive are additionally supported

Major features

Two-panel layout You can view the content of two folders side by side; you can drag and drop images between panels.
Advanced image encryption You can encrypt your images and set a password. Then no one will be able to view them without knowing the passsword. The physical files stay in the original folder.
Identifying duplicate images For each image you'll see how many duplicates you have on your hard drive and in which folders.
Scalability Helicon Photo Safe can work with huge collections of files, e.g., hundreds of thousands.
Stereo image preview

Helicon Photo Safe shows stereo images as normal 2D images.

Side-by-side image preview The special side-by-side viewer is handy for choosing the best image: the image on the left is constant; you change the right image and compare it to the one on the left.
Super speedy web publishing Automatically convert, resize for the web, and upload your image to HeliconSoft's secure server with just one click. You will also get a unique URL that you can immediately send to anybody to show them your image.

Organizing Your Photos

File browser with two-panel layout You can: choose between a one-panel and two-panel layout; change the size of the thumbnails; filter, group, and sort images in the current folder.
View EXIF EXIF information is stored with an image and includes information such as: the time and date the photo was taken, resolution, shutter speed, etc.
Edit IPTC IPTC information is stored with an image; this includes the title, copyright, keywords, etc., and can be edited.
Advanced image search You can search by file name, folder name, date, size, format, EXIF, keywords, camera model.
Calendar view Helicon Photo Safe groups all the images on your hard drive by date. You can find images by the date when they were taken.
Categories Categories (which are also "tags" or "keywords") are virtual collections of images. You can use a category to: browse all the images on your hard drive, search and filter images, copy or move images to folders, burn them, upload them, etc. Drag and drop images to add them to a category.
Assigning a rating You can assign a rating by dragging and dropping or by using shortcuts. You can browse all the images on your hard drive by their rating, filter images in a folder by rating, and search by rating.
Encryption To hide your private images, you can create a virtual safe, "put" them there and protect the safe with password. The files will remain where they are, but no one will be able to view them without the password.
GeoTagging You can save EXIF GPS information by pointing to the place on the Panoramio map where the image was taken. If your camera automatically saves GPS data, you can browse for your images on the map.
Burn onto CD / DVD There is a special utility for burning/ erasing a CD / DVD.
Printing There is a printing utility.
Upload to Picasa, Facebook, and Flickr Helicon WebGate can upload images to the three most popular web galleries and can store your credentials if you wish. You can upload to all three galleries with Helicon Webgate, just by switching accounts.


When you import images, you can view image thumbnails, select which images to import, delete images, create and choose target folders, and set automatic file renaming, etc.
Digital camera Detects a camera and allows you to import images to your hard drive.
Mobile phone camera For importing images to your hard drive from the camera on your mobile phone.
Removable media These are external devices that store information—which you can transfer to your hard drive—such as a CD/DVD, SmartCard, etc.


Helicon Photo Safe has a quick editor for making basic adjustments.
Lossless rotation Apply lossless rotation by pressing the R or L keys.
Image straightening Simply draw a line along an area that should be straight (such as the horizon, for example), and the program will automatically rotate the image the right amount.
Cropping You can crop part of an image and specify a new aspect ratio. You can choose the new aspect ratio from a list of predefined aspect ratios for the internet or photo paper, or else you can set your own.
Brightness adjustment You can choose between automatic and manual brightness adjustment. In manual mode you move the slider back and forth until you get the desired effect. In automatic mode, the program analyzes your image and applies the necessary correction(s).
White balance corection If your image looks too "warm" or too "cold," you can move the "white balance" slider to correct the colors.
Saturation You can saturate the colors or make the image greyer by increasing or decreasing the saturation.
Sharpening You can sharpen your image by moving the "Sharpening" slider.