Helicon Filter – History of changes

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What is new in the latest version

Windows Version Helicon Filter 5.6.3 (28.11.2016) (139 Mb)

  • Enhanced stability and interface usability

Helicon Filter 5.6.2 (04.07.2016)

  • Adobe DNG Converter updated
  • Slider's confrol panel for fine tuning
  • Saving into .mpo fixed
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Enhanced metadata operations
  • Enhanced stability and interface usability

Helicon Filter 5.6.1 (20.04.2016)

  • Improved compatibility for Windows 10
  • Updated Adobe DNG converter
  • Stability fixes

Helicon Filter 5.5.6 (04.04.2016)

  • Improved compatibility for Windows 10
  • Updated Adobe DNG converter
  • Stability fixes

Helicon Filter 5.5.4 (29.01.2016)

  • Stability, performance and design improvements

Helicon Filter 5.5.2 (06.03.2015)

  • Design updates
  • Stability fixes

Helicon Filter 5.5.1 (19.12.2014)

  • Added ability to process and save RAW files in DNG format
  • Improved responsiveness and loading time

Helicon Filter 5.4.4 (24.11.2014)

  • Active filter does not disappear now when new image is open
  • Added preview thumbnails for the preset buttons

Helicon Filter 5.4.2 (03.09.2014)

  • Helicon Launcher added for tighter integration with Windows Explorer
  • Many functional and interface fixes

Helicon Filter 5.3.3 (09.07.2014)

  • Helicon Launcher added for tighter integration with Windows Explorer
  • Many functional and interface fixes

Helicon Filter 5.3.1 (21.05.2014)

  • Added Quick Edit tab
  • Much improved loading speed for JPEGs
  • Optimized interface performance
  • Fixed batch processing of Crop/Resize filter

Helicon Filter 5.2.8 (11.04.2014)

  • Optimized browsing speed
  • Redesigned History layout
  • Helicon Import updated
  • Many minor fixes

Helicon Filter 5.2.7 (30.01.2014)

  • After trial period Helicon Filter switches to fully functional ad-supported mode
  • New version of Helicon Import is included into Helicon Filter installation
  • Many minor improvements and fixes

Helicon Filter 5.2.6 (05.12.2013)

  • Image browser improved
  • Stability fixes

Helicon Filter 5.2.4 (18.06.2013)

  • Fixed saving of stereo images to MPO format

Helicon Filter 5.2.2 (13.03.2013)

  • TwinView window to use second monitor or 3D TV for previewing
  • New Stereo tab and bunch of stereo functions
  • WIC support for RAW files

Helicon Filter 5.1.2 (18.12.2012)

  • Support for stereo files (MPO, JPS, PNS) added
  • Updated RAW libraries

Helicon Filter 5.0.28 (05.09.2012)

  • Helicon Montage program is added into Helicon Filter package
  • Helicon Print is now able to print several copies of the image on the same page of paper
  • Observer Window added to use second monitor for image preview or geotagging
  • Open file dialog optimized for speed

Helicon Filter 5.0.26 (25.05.2012) (247 Mb)

  • Many stability and interface fixes
  • Improved Artistic blur filter performance
  • Fixed error with saving to TIFF files

Helicon Filter 5.0.24 (21.12.2011)

  • UAC compatibility fixes

Helicon Filter 5.0.23 (06.12.2011)

  • Functions to copy and paste GPS data added
  • Vista 32 bit bug fixes

Helicon Filter 5.0.22 (25.10.2011)

  • Geotagging module added

Helicon Filter 5.0.21 (31.08.2011)

  • Added gradient selection filter which can be used for many effects like vignetting, linear and circular gradients, etc.
  • Improved performance of Artistic blur filter
  • Many interface improvements and stability fixes

Helicon Filter 5.0.17 (16.06.2011)

  • Added dark color scheme and it is used by default
  • Added Artistic Blur filter to simulate motion blur and lens blur

Helicon Filter 5.0.15 (06.01.2011)

  • Minor changes in Text filter
  • Minor bugs fixes

Helicon Filter 5.0.14 (31.12.2010)

  • Functionality to add text to images added
  • Crop/Resize filter redesigned
  • Many interface improvements and stability fixes

Helicon Filter 5.0.11 Beta (06.10.2010)

  • A big set of artistic frames is added
  • Interface for frames filter improved and new frames styles added (heart, gradient, etc.)
  • Overall stability much improved

Helicon Filter 5.0.9 Beta (18.06.2010)

  • Greatly improved performance, memory usage and stability
  • Added plugin for 64 bit version of Photoshop
  • Added selection plugin for Photoshop to create selection in Helicon Filter
  • RAW libraries updated

Helicon Filter 5.0.8 Beta (11.04.2010)

  • Redesigned interface for frames
  • Added option to clone only texture

Helicon Filter 5.0.7 Beta (5.03.2010)

  • Improved crop functionality
  • Many minor interface bugs fixed

Helicon Filter 5.0.6 Beta (25.01.2010)

The program supports selection mask now. You can make a selection and apply filters only to selected areas

  • The filters can be applied in arbitrary order and several times. For example, you can select the sky, then apply noise reduction to sky area, then noise reduction with different parameters to not selected area
  • The brushes now work with preview. When you move the brush you can see what will happen after you apply it. This is especially handy with updated edge sensitivity function
  • Please note that this is a beta version. We will add many more functions like adding text or replacing colors till the release. You are welcome to test this version and give us your comments and suggestions

Helicon Filter 4.93 (05.03.2009)

  • RAW libraries updated
  • A problem with false positive virus warning solved

Helicon Filter 4.92  (15.12.2008)

  • RAW libraries update

Helicon Filter 4.91  (18.11.2008)

  • RAW libraries updated

Helicon Filter 4.90  (25.09.2008)

  • RAW libraries updated
  • Several interface errors fixed

Helicon Filter 4.88  (08.08.2008)

  • New RAW converter (Adobe DNG Converter) added

Helicon Filter 4.87  (18.07.2008)

  • RAW libraries updated

Helicon Filter 4.86  (14.04.2008)

  • 3rd party dlls were updated. Some antivirus programs gave false virus alarm with the current components

Helicon Filter 4.84  (24.03.2008)

  • Bug with folder tree fixed
  • DCRAW usage changed

Helicon Filter 4.82  (01.02.2008)

  • RAW libraries updated
  • Minor bugs fixed

Helicon Filter 4.81  (02.11.2007)

  • Autodetect slider added to the Brightness tab with four levels
  • RAW module updated (Olympus E-510, Leica M8 DNG, laste Canon libraries)

Helicon Filter 4.80  (19.10.2007)

  • Zone size slider added to Brightness tab greatly enhancing tone mapping
  • Auto detect algorithm on the Brightness tab redesigned.
  • Auto detect button on the Brightness tab is now a check-box and thus can
    be applied to the whole folder in batch mode
  • Minor changes in interface and bug fixes made.

Helicon Filter 4.71  (7.09.2007)

  • all operations are now performed in linear (without gamma
    transformation) color space
  • minor changes in interface and bug fixes

Helicon Filter 4.70  (8.08.2007)

  • Chromatic aberration tab: slider to compensate lateral aberration added
  • Frames tab: frame can be set wider now
  • RAW: Canon and Nikon libraries updated, support for Nikon D40X NEF,
    Olympus SP320, Panasonic  Lumix L1, Panasonic LX2 added.

Helicon Filter 4.66  (01.06.2007)

  • Brightness tab: auto contrast has now four levels instead of one
  • Frames tab: image can now be shifted and rotated
  • Frames tab: user defined image can now be set as a background
  • Bugs: problems with 16 bit images and retouching brushes solved.
  • RAW: added support for Olympus E-330, E-400, E-410, and SP550UZ

Helicon Filter 4.60  (19.04.2007)

  • An alternative RAW converter (DCRAW) added
  • Wizard window added to guide through all filters

Helicon Filter 4.50  (16.01.2007)


  • A couple of new controls added on the Distortion tab
  • Some bugs Retouching brushes and Red Eye brush fixed.
  • Support for RAW files from Epson R-D1 and Pentax K10D added.

Beta 3: 

  • 1. Magnifying glass added to all tabs.
  • 2. Slide show in full screen  mode.
  • 3. New crop options (user's aspect ratio,  direct input for selection size
    and position)
  • 4. Dynamic range increase function enhanced.
  • 5. Ability to stack/average several images to decrease noise.
  • 6. Algorithms in noise reduction and sharpening updated.
  • 7. Draft versions of translated interface and help files for German, French,
    Spanish, Italian, Dutch.

Beta 2:

  • 1. Dust and hot pixel filtering.
  • 2. Gradient haze compensation.
  • 3. Spectral sensitivity sliders.
  • 4. Brush for sky replacement.
  • 5. Updated RAW support (Sony A100, Canon 400D, Nikon D2X, D80,FujiFilm E900, S5200, S5600,Panasonic
    DMC-FZ50,Pentax K100D,Olympus SP500UZ ).
  • 6. Ability to send images to mobile phones.
  • 7. Text comments (IPTC).
  • 8. Possibility to save user's default settings for each tab.
  • 9. Extended RAW conversion parameters, ability to use thumbnail's white balance.
  • 10. 'Reprocess original image' feature: link to original image and filters
    applied are now stored for each processed image.
  • 11. Double window mode: now vertical and horizontal layouts are available.
  • 12. Red eye brush: new color of the eye can be selected now.
  • 13. Design updated.

Helicon Filter 4.27 (3.07.2006)

1. Some bugs fixed.
2. Automatic online registration included.
3. RAW libraries updated (Canon 30D, Fuji S3 Pro, Pentax *istDL, Sony R1

Helicon Filter 4.26 (12.05.2006, updated 17.05.2006)

1. Much better start up time.
2. Some bugs and exceptions fixed.
3. RAW libraries updated (Sony R1 and Canon cameras)

Helicon Filter 4.25 (28.04.2006)

1. Print functionality added.
2. Possibility to assign color profiles manually and automatically when saving
3. Several tutorials added to the help (English only for the moment)
4. Many minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Helicon Filter 4.20 (6.04.2006)

1. The ability to record and play voice comments for images (written with
the camera or with computer microphone)
2. Playback for video files
3. Optimization for multiprocessor systems
4. Color map on the Colors tab added for quick white balance selection.
5. Saturation is now available for dull and bright colors selectively.
6. Sharpening has now separate controls for fine and coarse details.
7. Equalizers are redesigned, RGB readout added.

8. Enhanced support for PS-compatible plug-ins including Adobe Photoshop's
Filter Gallery
9. Conversion to sRGB color space is now available as a menu command.
10. Image can be set as a wallpaper through menu now.
11. Behavior of the retouching brushes optimized.

Helicon Filter 4.0.5 (1.02.2006)

1. New design.
2. Full set of standard retouching brushes.
3. Noise reduction, distortion, artifact removal  brushes.
4. New noise reduction algorithm.
5. Haze compensation option on Brightness tab, modified Auto contrast feature.
6. New, fast navigation panel (file browser)
7. Full EXIF info. Makernotes will be available later.
8. Possibility to hide some filters
9. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian languages are supported.
10. Many other enhancements.

Helicon Filter 3.10 (12.07.2005)

- Navigation panel is added where you can browse the current folder, mark
some files and perform operations on them (lossless rotate, move, copy, delete,
add to queue, template based rename).
- Additional sliders for auto contrast feature to manually set up the darkest
and the brightest levels.
- Help file for Spanish and Russian, localized interface for Spanish, German
and Russian are included into installation. German help will be added to future

Helicon Filter 3.00 (12.05.2005)

- Possibility to increase dynamic range by merging several images
- Extended functionality of the free version (RAW support, etc)
- Distortion and vignetting correction tab
- Frames and text tab with many visual effects
- Possibility to load/save presets for tab, file and the whole system
- Conversion to black and white with advanced features
- Exposure warnings
- White halo control on the sharpening tab
- many small fixes and improvements

Helicon Filter 2.40 beta 1 (4.04.2005)

- chromatic aberration filter;
- crop and resize tab;
- new algorithm of the noise reduction optimized for high level noise;
- text tab is temporarily deactivated (till release version).

Helicon Filter 2.03 (03.02.2005)

- "Noise reduction" slider added

Helicon Filter 2.02 (11.01.2005)

- new algorithm of the noise reduction optimized for high level noise;
- new algorithm of halo suppression and deblurring on the sharpening tab;
- new layout and design of the preview window, "one window" mode;
- advanced controls for brightness adjustment: highlights,
- "curve" mode of the brightness equalizer which works like PS curve;
- histogram integrated into brightness equalizer;
- updated support for RAW files from the newest cameras and DNG format;
- German language is supported

Helicon Filter 1.73 (23.11.2004)

- noise equalizer and improved color range selectivity
- noise map to ease selective noise reduction
- sharpening equalizer, sharpening map, suppression of white halos
- saturation equalizer, gray mode for histogram
- memory colors (skin, sky, etc.)
- color range selections
- support for external PS-compatible plug-ins

Helicon Filter  1.61 beta 2 (13.08.2004)

- Selective noise reduction in narrow color ranges (e.g. sky, trees,
water, skin, etc.)
- Plug-in for PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo Paint (Pro edition)
- One-click adjustment of noise levels ("ctrl-click on remaining noise")
- Brightness equalizer and curve
- Text tab with auto date/time and exif info imprinting
- Pupil size reduction for red eyes
- Many small fixes and additions