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photo stacking

Unread postby thruhiseyes » 21.04.2014 19:54

would like to know if there is process by loading a group of photos, or stacking, to be able to use the same settings? Referring to I commonly use the Noise and sharpening filters in conjunction with each other. Can I take an entire folder of photos and process the entire batch all at once, or do I have to do individually like I am doing now? :?:

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Re: photo stacking

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 23.04.2014 11:18

Yes, this is possible. I would suggest to process one image and then save applied filters as a preset (menu\Settings\Save set of filters\Save to library). After that you will be able to apply this preset to one image or to group of images.

For example, you can check several images, then right click them and use Add to Queue\Your preset. If you are using Helicon Photo Safe, you can select group of images, then open Quick Editor, then apply your preset, then use button Save\Apply to all images.

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