Input Files in Exif/IPTC area

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Input Files in Exif/IPTC area

Unread postby watsonm » 25.03.2012 12:40

I am on Helicon Focus Light 5.2.16 and wonder if there is or could be an option to log the input filenames used
into the output file exif data .

Sometimes I have a set of files and skip a couple in the stacking process for various reasons (movement, insect...)
If I have to do a re build later it would be nice to have the input data available within the file rather than have
to keep paper records. The data stays with the file.

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Re: Input Files in Exif/IPTC area

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 26.03.2012 11:00

That might be a good idea. Rigth now you can save a project afte processing the stack (windows version). This will save your settings, source images and even retouching operations. Give it a try.

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