Helicon Focus rocks!!!

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Helicon Focus rocks!!!

Unread postby cybermystic » 20.02.2009 20:36

Just bought Helicon Focus a couple of days ago as I want to get into photomicrography. I have a very nice trinocular microscope on order which should do the job nicely. However I also have an old cheap stereo microscope which I dug out to have a quick look-see. Camera Canon 40D, hand held flash, 5-frames, and of course Helicon Focus. Subject is the eye area of a dragonfly larval case. To say I'm over the Moon with my very first lash-up attempt is a massive understatement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Helicon Focus :D :D :D

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3478/329 ... 9661_b.jpg

Canon 40D, 100mm macro, 100-400mm zoom, 28mm fixed focus, Helicon Focus, CS3, PaintShopPro, Manfrotto accessories.


Unread postby NoelC » 24.02.2009 20:57

Very nice indeed!

Judging from some of the other images I've seen, Helicon Focus seems to be able to make an even sharper image from sets where the focus is even more slightly changed between frames.

Can you easily change focus very very slightly with the microscope?



Unread postby Guest » 26.02.2009 16:10

Thank you Noel, yes I can make very small focus changes, but you will also see from other posts that it is not always the best idea to use as many frames as possible (or so it seems).

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Re: Helicon Focus rocks!!!

Unread postby LeonLee » 02.08.2012 07:37

Can you easily change focus very very slightly with the microscope?

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