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FB Tube Questions

Post by kundenbetreuer » 06.09.2017 12:06

At first sorry for my bad english.
I have a question about the Helicon FB Tube.

When i set a step size value for my macro lens, will it always be the same at every magnification level?
As you know DOF becomes shallower the higher the magnification is. So can the FB Tube calculate the step value by itself when i shoot at 1:3 and then switch to 1:1 or i just have to set step size manually for ervery magnification level?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: FB Tube Questions

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 07.09.2017 16:05

Normally the step size does not need to be changed for different distances to the object, however it has to be changed with the change of focus distance (zoom).
The tube itself makes no calculations and adjustments of the step size, it only receives the input data via the configuration utility. So in order to change the step size the tube has to be reconfigured.

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