Helicon Remote Image Numbering Continuation

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Helicon Remote Image Numbering Continuation

Post by thomasmj » 10.12.2013 18:31

Hi, I have been working with HeliconRemote for a while and I set the image saving options to transfer the images to a new folder (named based on day of shot). This works fine and is generally no problem at all. However, today, I am working on a multi-day project and I want to continue the numbering system from the previous day. So how do I get my image numbers to continue where they left off from the previous day? Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Helicon Remote Image Numbering Continuation

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 11.12.2013 09:34


It's not possible at the moment. You could, however, continue saving images to the yesterday's folder, then numbering will be consistent. To do that, go to preferences -> Image saving and set folder for images to the one with yesterday's date, delete folder naming template (make it it blank) and set "Create new folder for new stacks" to "No". When you're done with this multiday project, go to this preference pane and press "Restore defaults" (and adjust folder for images to where you want to save them).

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