2 suggestions for the distorsion tab

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2 suggestions for the distorsion tab

Unread postby amitourlo » 20.10.2013 18:17

I would like to post 2 suggestions for the next version of Helicon Filter.

The first idea, rather simple, would be to let the possibility to create vignetting instead of removing it! It would consist in darkening the edge regions of a picture rather than whitening them.

The second idea, also for the distorsion tab, would be to help the user when having to correct certain distorted pictures. The principle would be similar than to help the user rotating a picture in the resize tab by setting a vertical or horizontal line. I take as example a picture of a rectangular painting. The tool should let the possibility to the user to place each of the 4 corners that correspond to the final rectangle. The tool automatically adjust the rotation, vertical and horizontal perspective. An additional step would be to select 4 other points somewhere on each side to make also the barrel and bend corrections. I am not sure that this definition is enough to make it but this is an idea to start with.


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Re: 2 suggestions for the distorsion tab

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 23.10.2013 11:46

Thanks for the ideas! Vignetting is possible to add in the current version, please see "Vignetting, -4EV" preset. It consists of two filters: Gradient selection + Brightness -4.

As to distortions tab, I understand your idea. I think it should look like a matrix 3x3 node and user should be able to move each of the points to define deformation.

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