Question about measurements

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Question about measurements

Unread post by serge » 15.03.2012 09:37


I'm a french engineer working in a company using a Olympus stereo microscope. I have installed a digital sensor on the specific optical port, and I've discovered Helicon software to correct the DOF and also the shifting due to stereo angle brought while focusing different plans : great !
In addition, the 3D modelling is of great use for me, as a part of my job is to illustrate some analysis (mechanical parts, powders, etc...).
--> I think we'll purchase the software soon.

My question : do you think it can be possible to add a "measurement tool" in the 3D view ? I mean, just dragging a line between 2 points will give the distance in mm ?
Of course I think such a capability should be calibrated depending on the optics used, the focal distance, but we can imagine a calibration procedure using a "micrometer slide" or any length reference.

Thanks for your answer.

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Re: Question about measurements

Unread post by Stas Yatsenko » 16.03.2012 13:17

This is a good feature and we will keep this in mind for future version. Though, without calibration it is useless. So this is mostly the question how to implement calibration and measurement instruments in an easy and user friendly way. Your suggestions on this would be highly appreciated. You can also contact us via

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