Exporting 3D

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Exporting 3D

Post by onegreenev » 06.01.2018 07:15

I am using a 30 day trial version on my Mac and so far like the results. However I was trying to export in 3D but the viewer opens and has a dialog box wanting me to choose something. I go to a folder with a saved depth map or finished image but can't pick anything to render in 3D. When I try to do anything Helicon 3D Viewer crashes. Always. Is this a limitation of the trial software that I can't play with 3D or a glitch with the Mac? Im saddened that the remote won't work with the Sony line of Mirrorless cameras. Such a shame. But there are more ways to skin a cat here. Can anyone help with the 3D viewer? Not sure what Im doing wrong.

Pete :)

Pawel Jarzembowski
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Re: Exporting 3D

Post by Pawel Jarzembowski » 06.01.2018 19:24

I have a full version of Helicon Focus and this same problem on Mac. Can't import file on Helicon into 3Dviewer

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Exporting 3D

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 08.01.2018 12:19

This is a bug that will be fixed in the next version of the program. Meanwhile, use this one where the 3D viewer works: http://www.heliconsoft.com/downloads/He ... s6.7.1.dmg

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