Color managment from Canon CR2

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Color managment from Canon CR2

Unread postby Seppo » 04.07.2007 17:28

Hi, is it possible to adjust the way how Helicon Focus converts the colors, especially the tonal range (transfer function) and clipping points when using RAW images (*.CR") from a Canon MK2N?

When comparing to the Adobe Camera RAW converted image the Helicon Focus images have very strong overall contrast and especially in the light end of the range the image data is clipped.


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 05.07.2007 20:47


Please check the RAW settings for Canon files in Helicon Focus. You can control all settings that are provided by Canon SDK or DCRAW (alternative raw converter)

Oleg Volk
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Unread postby Oleg Volk » 20.12.2007 07:22

Where would we look for those settings?

Stephan Wolfsried
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Unread postby Stephan Wolfsried » 13.09.2008 15:31

I have the same problem. As I use noise reduction first with Helicon Filter the images are by far too bright. .CR2 RAW images can only be converted with DCRAW options.

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