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Rhododendron -- Flower at 1:5

Posted: 19.06.2007 04:46
by richard1karash
More on whether to move the camera, re-focus, or (on a bellows) move the rear standard.

This is one blossom of a Rhododendron at about 1:5. I don't see any troubling artifacts with any of the three approaches.

See below. All with 105mm Bellows Nikkor on bellows to Olympus e-330. The flower is 70mm wide; the pistil is 20-30mm in front of the petals.

It's really nice to have lots of depth-of-field!

Posted: 19.06.2007 04:49
by richard1karash
Slices by moving the rear standard, keeping the lens in the same position.

Posted: 19.06.2007 05:37
by richard1karash
Finally, slices by moving the lens, keeping same film plane. Except for the change in image size, differences in the last 5% at the edge, I don't see much difference in these. Thus, with camera motions small enough that the perspective doesn't change, it doesn't matter how you do the slices.

Rhododenron Flower

Posted: 19.06.2007 05:57
by richard1karash
And, here's the view I like better.

Dan, your product Helicon Focus is just terrific.