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"halo"ing around areas where near and far elements intersect

Posted: 30.03.2015 14:58
by cbarranco

I am trying to use Helicon Focus to create images of eyeglasses that are entirely in focus. The problem that I am having is that where the front of the glasses crosses over the rear, Helicon Focus doesn't seem to be able to decide which parts to use and there is a "halo" or transparency artifact almost all the time. I am trying to create an automated process to create these photos, and would like to avoid having to manually clone them if possible. I am wondering if I am missing something with the settings.

I'm creating stacks of 28 images focused in sequence from front to back, shot at f/8. Can you take a look and offer any advice? I'm uploading some samples to your FTP in the sub-folder cbarranco. Thanks.


Re: "halo"ing around areas where near and far elements inter

Posted: 01.04.2015 13:56
by Stas Yatsenko
Hello Chris,

Sorry, we have not yet found the way to cope with such situation. I would be nice to find the way to do this automatically, we will discuss this problem again internally.