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Workflow? (+ using remote)

Posted: 10.03.2015 21:02
by rushless

Recently purchased the software, loving it.

Running with a Canon 6D, and a 100MM Canon 2.8 IS.

What is the best workflow?
Right now I'm working with very detailed shots of flowers.

This was suggested on a different site for focus stacking:
- Capture Stack
- Import to Lightroom
- Edit first image in the stack
- Copy/Paste develop settings
- Export to Helicon

But I haven't had as great results with that as much as:
- Capture stack ( I used heilicon remote to do that)
- Export to Helicon Focus
- Stack (I use C for flowers)

So method 1 gives better editing to the raw files, but method 2 has less errors, halos, etc. The downside is I can't edit the jpg as much as I could a raw file.

Any ideas tips or suggestions?

Re: Workflow? (+ using remote)

Posted: 12.03.2015 11:54
by Stas Yatsenko
The newest version of Helicon Focus Pro is able to process RAW files in its native form and output DNG files for further processing. So your workflow can be improved by using RAW-in-DNG-out mode of Helicon Focus. You can select it in RAW Development Settings under source image list.

Re: Workflow? (+ using remote)

Posted: 22.03.2015 00:43
by rushless
Hey that's great, thanks!

When I go to Raw Development Settings it says

"Please define your path to ADobe DNG converter in the preferences"

Can you clarify how to do this step?

Re: Workflow? (+ using remote)

Posted: 24.03.2015 11:02
by Stas Yatsenko

You need to install the latest Adobe DNG converter ( ... rm=Windows), then go to Helicon Focus menu\Edit\Preferences, Integration tab and make sure that path to Adobe DNG converter is properly set.