Electrical Cable Damage by Arcing

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Electrical Cable Damage by Arcing

Post by mlearmonth » 09.03.2007 04:29

The attached photograph is actually a stereo pair, each created using Helicon Focus (each created from about 40 images). Viewed cross-eyed, they form a 3 dimensional stereo image showing the depth of the arcing damage into the cable. Individual strands of the copper wire are visible in the melted hole caused by the arcing. In reality the hole was about 1/2 inch in diameter and a little less than that in depth.

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3 D image pair of electrical cable damage to be viewed cross-eyed
CableDamage.jpg (164.95 KiB) Viewed 4800 times

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Post by Ariel » 12.03.2007 03:09

I see it! Try switching the order, downsizing them, and looking beyond the screen. That is generally a better way to view 3-d, if you can train your eyes such.

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