New Olympus TG-3 Does Stacking In Camera

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New Olympus TG-3 Does Stacking In Camera

Post by jpmccormac » 31.03.2014 20:10

Olympus just introduced the new TG-3 Tough camera. One of the new features is the ability of the camera to automatically take and stack 8 images at once. The TG-3 shoots eight frames in quick succession, varying the focus distance between frames. The sharpest areas in each photo are then combined to create a single image with a depth of field covering several centimeters.
Read more at: ... -tg-3A.HTM

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Re: New Olympus TG-3 Does Stacking In Camera

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 02.04.2014 10:56

Thanks for the update. "If you prefer to merge images yourself, though, the TG-3 can also bracket focus without combining images in-camera." It would be interesting to compare Helicon Focus results with results of the camera. It is a shame that focus bracketing is not yet implemented in DSLRs cameras where DOF problem is much more acute than in 1/2.3" sensor camera.

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Re: New Olympus TG-3 Does Stacking In Camera

Post by jimshirey » 12.08.2014 02:10

as far as i am concerned, this is a toy feature. i have never run a stack as small as 8, and normally run in the 100-200 range. plus, it is rare that i don't have to do some retouching. this may help sell their camera and turn some people on to focus stacking, but if that's all they got ....

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