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A Gallery of Helicon Focus Flowers

Posted: 16.09.2008 05:58
by fredkahan
Please visit my Flickr gallery of images, mainly micro-orchids, at: ... 313717489/

teaser image at: ... e&posted=1

Posted: 18.09.2008 13:07
by Dan Kozub
Great images, congratulations : )

nice shooting

Posted: 02.12.2008 18:58
Loved these shots. I have lots of desert flowers blooming in my yard year-round and will shoot them as they come into season.

What I find most interesting about this work is how "painterly" they look when everything is in sharp focus. I see so many flower shots in Arizona that really suffer from so much variety in focus sharpness. In most cases the message is that it's sloppy shooting. Just my take.