Blow Fly (Calliphora sp.)

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Charles Krebs
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Blow Fly (Calliphora sp.)

Post by Charles Krebs » 12.01.2008 08:44

The stack of images for this fly was taken with a reverse mounted 50mm EL Nikkor on a camera bellows. Camera was a Nikon D200.



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Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub » 14.01.2008 17:16


I've seen many of your great images. But these ones look too unrealistic :) More like computer generated monster in hi-end computer game :)))

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Post by TomMeeks » 11.05.2008 06:17

Amazing photos of amazing creatures!

It's a good thing that monitors are vertical and not horizontal because otherwise my drooling over your results would REALLY mess up my ability to see them! :lol:

Phil Indeblanc
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Post by Phil Indeblanc » 15.01.2009 04:24

I am thinking these are dead ? Do you think the eye color or something would be a slightly different color if it was captured alive?! (For some reason I think the eyes or skin would have a green tint, or is that something else I am thinking of?


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Post by Ripit » 05.07.2009 23:15

These are fascinating images, I am curious as to the lighting/exposure and in this case the number of images in the stack.

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