Great application

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Great application

Unread post by snickgrr » 07.01.2008 21:31

To tell you the truth when I downloaded the application I didn't have high hopes for it. Often times these sort of programs are buggy and really don't work too well but I am very impressed by it.
Plan on using it within my commercial work so it has already paid for itself many times over.
And I won't clog up the forum with anymore repetitive photos...except for this one.:) I like how you can stop the focus at any point, like I did here at the twist in the flower.
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Great image

Unread post by richard1karash » 03.03.2008 06:50

snickgrr, your image is just fabulous.

I love the way we can really control focus... And, if we shoot enough planes, we can manage focus at the compositing time. Thanks for sharing your image.

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Unread post by snickgrr » 05.03.2008 21:08

I use the program all the time in the commercial world. I have one client that requires quite a bit of MCU work, medium close up, and now I have the option of the narrow depth of field look or half in focus or all in focus.
Well worth the money.

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Unread post by Stevie » 06.03.2008 21:02

Excellent shot . :)

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