How to avoid halos?

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How to avoid halos?

Unread postby Murphy » 26.12.2007 12:34

Hi all,
I ' am unable to reduce Halos as per attached sample.
Image was made from 46 single shoots.
Scale arround 15:1, Nikon Flash SB R 200. JPEG.
I' ve tried smoothing: 4 and Radius: 3
Used version 4.21 Pro
Hope you can help.

Bei der Anmeldung habe ich gesehen, dass als board language auch"german" eingegeben werden kann. Da hier aber kein einziger Beitrag in deutscher Sprache erscheint, habe ich erst einmal Englisch geschrieben. Würde eine Antwort (vor allem wenn technisch komplex) natürlich in deutscher Sprache bevorzugen.
Danke und Gruß
Cap Fungi
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Unread postby Ariel » 02.01.2008 01:12

Try making smoothing high and radius low or vise versa.

PS: The language you choose in the forum is only for how you want the forum's interface to appear. There are only English forums, though you are free to ask a question in German and you might still get a response.

Ken Eis


Unread postby Ken Eis » 20.06.2008 05:12

I had the same problems with the R200. I presume you have these strobes mounted on the camera lens. The halos will go away if you take the strobes of the lens which moves during the stacking process. Its the result of "stobe paralax" my term.....

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