Possible issue on current beta version for Leopard; OR

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Possible issue on current beta version for Leopard; OR

Post by dennysb » 03.12.2007 04:34

Using Beta (evaluation) program, great Apps!

I have found something that might be a bug, or just my lack of skill :)

1) I create an opacity map which I then take to Photoshop to be painted with white to cover areas of transparency I do not want to apply.

2) Once photoshop editing is done, I save the file in same location.

3) If I try to open (add) file to bring it as part of the source file list, even though I see the file on the OPen/Add Image window. When I click on the open button, the file does not get added.

What am i doing wrong :-) :lol:

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Post by Ariel » 09.12.2007 04:56

Image pixel size is equal to both images? Maybe there is a special way to add a mask, not like another picture.

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