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Differences in Result of Batchmode vs Interactive

Posted: 16.11.2018 14:50
by Jim Fandango
at the moment I am dealing with a strange situation - the result of the batchrun seems to miss a final step which seems to be
happening in interactive mode.

Some pictures of deep stacks from ~300 RAW input files have sort of unusable/stackable border, which is automatically removed in interactive mode.
so the result from BATCH mode is sized ( as original 6000x4000 )
while the interactive mode is sized ( 5964x3996) -> seems to be cropped and zoomed to not contain the errors!

The usable area would NOT correspond to manually cropping the usable area ( would be much smaller).
As a consequence of this I cannot use batchmode at the moment as stitching problems because of different resolution/zoomlevel occur.
But I highly depend on BATCHMODE as any single image takes about 1h to be calculated....

0. How can I avoid the error in the border area?
1. How could I configure BATCHMODE to deliver identical results ?

( uploaded samples are reduced in size just to visualize the result)

Re: Differences in Result of Batchmode vs Interactive

Posted: 19.11.2018 16:17
by Stas Yatsenko
Do you mean calling from command line with parameters or Batch mode from user interface? It looks like Auto crop option is not applied. You can avoid need for crop if you invert file sorting in source image list, though I am not sure it helps with batch mode. We will check that this option is correctly applied and fix in the next version.

Re: Differences in Result of Batchmode vs Interactive

Posted: 28.12.2018 13:30
by Jim Fandango
The question is more related to the internal handling. Of course I could disable autocrop in interactive mode to get identical results but cropping itself is quite nice.. as the result of autocropped and manually cropped images is not identical later stitching is not easily possible. There is some zooming going on which is not documented or customizable somewhere...
As mentioned autocropped pictures are more close to the original resolution than manually handled ones. I am always using batchmode in GUI mode.

Re: Differences in Result of Batchmode vs Interactive

Posted: 29.12.2018 15:22
by Stas Yatsenko
We already fixed this bug and future version will apply autocrop in batch mode.