Rendering output dark and lacks color

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Rendering output dark and lacks color

Unread postby dkperez » 11.01.2018 04:31

Nikon D850, but I had the same problem with the D810, so it’s not specific to the 850.

Windows 10 Pro, current LR Classic, current DNG converter, current version of Helicon Focus.

Feed a series of images from Lightroom leaving them as “Original” OR DNG. Run the stacking. When it’s done, the output in the window is dark and lacks color. If I switch to the Retouch screen the image is fine. Same thing when I go to Save.

If I send it tif files instead, it looks fine. But with NEF files or DNG files, the output in Rendering looks like the picture below… What do I have set wrong?
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Re: Rendering output dark and lacks color

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 11.01.2018 12:05

You need to install new Adobe DNG Converter:
and setup the path to DNG Converter in Helicon Focus menu "Edit / Preferences... / Integration". In the RAW development settings under Source image list select RAW-in-DNG-out loader codec.

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