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Output resolution

Unread postby EvgAbro » 11.03.2014 17:23

Hello Stas,

Have been using Helicon Focus extensively in the last couple of months for focus stacking of jewellery shots. Overall - great piece of software and amazing time saver compared to Photoshop focus stacking.
My typical workflow is importing files to Lightroom and exporting them as 16bit, 300dpi TIFFs, which are then processed by Helicon Focus.
Only minor issue is that Helicon Focus changes the native resolution from 300dpi to 72 dpi. It occurs disregarding of the "DPI output" settings - I've been trying both "300dpi" and "0".
Of course, it is a very minor issue, as I change it later in Photoshop anyway, but thought you might want to know about it.



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Re: Output resolution

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 12.03.2014 11:49

Thanks! It will be fixed in the coming versions.

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