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newbie question

Posted: 13.12.2011 18:47
by bs0604
I am thinking of buying the product but want to be sure I will be able to use it with my photomicroscopy. My impression is that I take several pictures of a microscopic subject all in a slightly different focus and then import the pictures to my Mac computer where Helicon Focus is donwloaded and Helicon will do the "stacking". Is Helicon a plug in to Lightroom or iphoto or a stand alone prodcut like Photomatix in which I directly drag the images for processing?

Re: newbie question

Posted: 15.12.2011 11:48
by Stas Yatsenko
First of all, feel free to install the program and evaluate it during 30 day trial period. Photomicroscopy is one of the primary purposes of the program.

Helicon Focus is a standalone program but it comes with Lightroom plugin that allows to call Helicon Focus for a stack of selected files from LR. In the current version LR plugin should be set up manually, the next version will do this automatically.