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micro minerals

Posted: 16.08.2010 09:25
by pelu
Dear friends.

I am using Helicon to photograph micro minerals. I use a homemade microscope that allows me to be very precise with the focus movements . If the micro I photographed is big, pictures are great but if I try to photograph very small crystals (as in this descloizite, the field photographed is 2x1, 3mm) can not get no blurry areas. I think I've read all the tutorials :D but...
There are 30 images,0.02 mm separate. I ordered all photos before processing and testing various combinations of radio and blur but none is satisfactory. Any
help, please?

"big" crystals:
Pyromorphite. 1mm

Anatasa, 0,4mm

and small and blurred :( descloizite after a lot of retouching process...


Re: micro minerals

Posted: 16.08.2010 11:28
by Stas Yatsenko
Congratulations on the great images! We would be happy to add them to our gallery if you can provide us with the source stack. Please contact us via if you agree.

There is a problem there are sharp edges and flat areas without details. When the edge is blurred, the program thinks that this ares contains more details that flat area witout gradient. That is why halo appears.That would not happen if flat areas contain some texture or details. We have not yet found a way to remove it. Methods that remove halos introduce worse artifacts in other parts of the image.

I would recommend to use Clone from source brush in Helicon Focus. It should help to eliminate halos in a few stokes.

If you upload the problem stack to our ftp server (as described at we will experiment and maybe find better solution.

Re: micro minerals

Posted: 17.08.2010 11:33
by pelu
Thank you very much. I will continue testing. Perhaps with images taken every 0.01 mm ... If I find something I'll explain here. I'll do other series and I will send you preview images.

EDIT._ I did not understand when you ask me "the source stack." Now I've seen that in the gallery. I'm sorry, I delete the original images when I have the tif processed. I work with a canon 350D and about 30 pictures, weight all photos is too big. Next images I produce I will do a small version for you.