determining the final image

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determining the final image

Unread postby wsi » 05.01.2013 23:14

What is the technique to establish the final image layout or borders?
The normal set up the camera on the extended macro rail with the camera at the longest distance from the flower.
I focus on the part of the flower that is closest to the camera.
Take a frame
Step the camera forward a small step. with the Nikon 60mm and 105 mm micro lens I am normally using 1.5 to 2.0 mm step with f11 or f13
take a frame
step the camera forward...repeat

the end point of the camera is determine by the number of steps and the distance but without measuring the rail travel the final image is uncertain. The software will construct the final product quite well but often the image is not quite what you would like.

I am probably missing something really simple. If I started with the camera at the closest point. focused on the farthest flower part in the picture then backed the camera away from the flower I think I get the same result.
Missing something.

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Re: determining the final image

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 09.01.2013 14:54

I am not sure it understand you correctly.

You set nearest and farthest points but after shooting not all object is in focus?

Or you want to take pictures without defining farthest point?

I can give you general rules:

1. Take as many shots as needed to cover all the depth of field. If you take too many, you can exclude some when processing.

2. You can shoot from nearest to farthest point or vice versa, it is not important.

3. Helicon Remote estimates number of steps and step size but you can always change this based on result of stacking.

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Re: determining the final image

Unread postby jimshirey » 14.05.2013 15:17

start with the camera back far enough that nothing is in focus, and end with the camera forward far enough that no part of the subject is in focus. this is not as critical. an out-of-focus element of the subject in the background is not as critical as one that is in the foreground.


Re: determining the final image

Unread postby radiorabbi » 28.02.2015 19:34

if the issue here is Helicon is cropping some desired elements from your frame the solution is simple

frame the subject with the elements furthest from the camera sharply focused
this may require a longer focused distance and thus a wider field of view

then either shoot from far to near or go back to the nearest part of the subject and start shooting from there

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