INFINITE DEPTH OF FIELD-a new solution-worth 10000 usd!

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INFINITE DEPTH OF FIELD-a new solution-worth 10000 usd!

Unread post by europanorama » 15.09.2004 16:41

check it if you have 10 000 usd or not!
i will check that camera at photokina.

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Unread post by Ariel » 17.11.2006 04:16

It's not worth it. Just use a tripod and Helicon Focus!


Infinate Focus Camera

Unread post by Nezbitten » 17.04.2007 13:58

Hi there

This camera to me look like on Olympus model ( i used to sell them) It would appear to me they have modified the focus bracketing. Some digital camera use "scripts" a language used to tell the camera to do a sequence of things. Some infact can focus bracket 3 images, one spot on another a little behind and infront, thus getting the shot whatever happens. However this is their limit. With the aid of these scripts (a feature now gone as was on older models of cameras partiualrly Kodak) one could easilly reprogram to take a whole load of images in sequence suitable for Helicon to work on.


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