PTLens as plug-in

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John Lai
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PTLens as plug-in

Unread postby John Lai » 09.10.2007 21:00

I just tried the latest version of PTLens and I find it great because it corrects the image from lens & camera profiles.

I think it would greatly enhance the functionality of HF (vignetting & automatic correction of distortion, especially complex wave like barrel distortions) if it could run as a plug-in within HF.

So my request is to be able to run PTLens within HF.


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Unread postby mgamer » 28.12.2007 17:16

Good Idea! I really would apreciate this feature.


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very good idea!

Unread postby BaIP » 25.10.2008 01:11

Yes, a PlugIn for PTLens would be great.
Then I do not have to switch between both programs especially when I am using the 12mm lens ...

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