Include magnifying glass for color picking

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Include magnifying glass for color picking

Unread postby Ariel » 08.10.2007 09:56

When picking a color (such as when changing the color range), it would be nice if the group of pixels around the picker would be greatly magnified so you see exactly which pixel you are getting color from.

Also, for adding or removing colors from the color range, there should be an option for split-screen of both the effected color map image and the original image, with the color picker/mouse being visible in both. This would help when there are similar colors nearby one another and you only want to click one of them while knowing which one is already in the color range and which isn't.

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Unread postby lutz » 09.10.2007 04:16

I agree Ariel,
a magnifier would be very helpful.

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