Range of colors and Masks

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Range of colors and Masks

Unread postby amitourlo » 23.09.2007 17:28


See attached 2 pictures, the first one is the original, the second one, the result obtained.
This is a picture of rock carvings in Sweden. The red color is artificial therefore I want to reinforce it in order to see much better the design on the rock. The second picture is the result obtained.

I naturally used the "Colors" tool to correct the "range of colors" and I selected the original red as source.
I adjusted the "Color tolerance" but there were still some problems with the left side of the picture because it contains some red pixels.
Therefore, I used masks (with add rectangle to mash function) to set boundaries of correction. But it takes some time to define a very good mask with only doing the sum of rectangles. There are still some zones without mask between the two warriors with red coloration that should have stayed unmodified...

Now, I would suggest some Improvements to spare some time:
- there is a possibility to add mask but not a possibility to remove mask
Maybe a "Plus + "/"- Minus" function would be interesting.
- rectangle and ellipse are good but for complicated zones like for this picture, it would have been better if I have had a brush like for retouching options. A tool that allow me to draw the mask that I want with more precision.
- Naturally, to be able to draw this personnalized mask, the activation of the zoom function would help.
- I also had some problems when clicking to set the second corner of a rectangle mask. I have often had the zoom 200% view instead of be able to set the corner. Is it a bug ??

Else, still very happy with this softwre.


PS:if you are interested to add this example into your documentation, don't hesitate to ask me the pictures.
Here is a mask
mask.jpg (176.87 KiB) Viewed 3528 times
Original photo.
original.jpg (101.19 KiB) Viewed 3529 times
Modified photo (HeliconFiltered)
modofoed.jpg (108.82 KiB) Viewed 3529 times

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Unread postby lutz » 24.09.2007 07:54

Thanks Amitourlo,

a very impressive example.

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