Multiple Aberration function

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Multiple Aberration function

Unread postby amitourlo » 15.09.2007 23:38

I am new here, so, firstly,
thank you for this powerful software and easy to handle.

About the Aberration function, I think that it would be interesting to add a multiple colors aberration, that is to say to allow to enable CA reduction and then be able to select different colors to reduce the artefacts simultaneously for different colors.
I have the case of a picture of a glacier with rocks.
The contrast is extreme between the white blue ice and the dark rock.
There is some artefact around the rocks, some purple on the lower side of the rocks and some blue on the upper side of the rocks.
If I remove the purple, the blue is still there and if I remove the blue, the purple stays. I cannot increase the sensitivity because in this case, I would also lose the beautiful blue of the glacier.
I have to reedit my picture after having saved it a first time...

This is the same probleme when I try to correct the haze in the retouching toolbox. There is no level of "haze removing". Threfore, for some extremely bad pictures (bad weather ! :x ), I have to apply a first haze correction, then to save the picture, open the modified picture and redo the same operation...

Thank you

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Unread postby Ariel » 16.09.2007 05:52

For the meantime, you can use the color equalizer to reduce saturation for the blue and purple.

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