"show retouched" checkbox

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"show retouched" checkbox

Unread postby firexball » 30.08.2007 12:57


one of the reasons why I bought HF are the easy and fast retouching possibilities! For example moles in portrait fotos could be easily removed by one click with the "delete scratches" function! By the way, the use of the "Strg" key is worth gold!

An also very usefull function is the "Erase changes" function. My suggestion (for today :wink:) is to add a "show retouched" checkbox either only in the "Erase changes" function or globally in the retouching sheet. This function, if activated, should show all modified areas in the picture (like the "exposure waning" or the "noise map" function). This function would help to find unwanted changes through accidentally clicks. It would also help to be sure, that the unwanted chances are removed completely!

Greetings firexball

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Unread postby Ariel » 03.09.2007 00:49

Right now you can right-click and it will show the old version. When it switches between the two versions, you can notice changes.

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