Standard white balance settings missing !

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Standard white balance settings missing !

Unread postby bricecom » 09.08.2007 22:17


First of all, I love your software and I've bought my license immediately after the free evaluation period expired.

For the next version, i'd like to find standard settings for the white balance tab, like Sunshine, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluo, and so on. It's not always easy to get a white point in the picture although the "memory color" tool is a very good idea and can help a lot.

Thanks again,

Bricecom, from France.

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Unread postby Ludwig » 04.09.2007 14:15


I can only support this suggestion. It is almost impossible to adjust white balance with Helicon in images without any white reference.

From other RAW converters I know the above described function (pre defined light conditions) and I really miss it in Helicon. A very good implementation of this feature you can find in Bibble.



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Unread postby Ariel » 05.09.2007 07:35

How would "sunshine" effect a given picture, do you say? Is it supposed to look at the average colors and change them to be like they should be in a typical sunshine picture?

A more important thing for correcting color, I think, would be a hot/cold temperature slider. I find it near impossible to use the RGB thing to adjust the color, and in Picasa2's color temperature slider, I'm always able get it right.

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Unread postby Ludwig » 05.09.2007 17:23

just imagine you did a white balance with a white sheet of paper in sunshine. The result would be very reproduceable, always the same. Therefore, you can save the parameters of the transformation in the RAW converter.

Again, have a look at Bibble. The function there is really impressive. You select the correct light condition (such as sunshine) and the colors of the image immediately look very realistic.

A temperature slider would be an alternative, but not as good.



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Unread postby mireille » 12.09.2007 01:56

I guess that a color temperature slide (wtih small icones for beginners) would really be appreciated!
(expert mode could allow to vary independently darks, middle and highlights for better adjustments) :wink:
''Photographier c'est peindre avec la lumière''

Tony Montgomery

Unread postby Tony Montgomery » 01.12.2007 00:48

I agree - a temp slider would be a good addition. Also, it would be good to have a RGB histogram in view at the same time. This can help refine what your eyes are telling you!


Have Temperature and Hue sliders next to each other

Unread postby aGuest » 01.12.2007 02:03

In Apple Aperture, you can slide hue and temperature separately; in Helicon Filter, there is a circle to correct white balance. Get hue and temp sliders and it would make correcting white balance so much easier - and that is the Helicon way, right?

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