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Posted: 19.03.2017 11:35
by RockvilleBob
It would be nice to be able to selectively mask individual images.

In panorama stitching the ability to mask individual images lets you hide portions in a particular image from the stitching process. You load the images and after the panorama is stitched you can see which images the program used and then edit individual images. This can help eliminate many ghosting issues such a a person's movement between sequences. Programs such as PTGui PRO facilitate this capability.

In stacking this capability might help eliminate blurred edges in a final stacked image. For example when flower petals move between images even in relatively protected environments blurring or ghost edges can appear. Being able to go selectively into images and mask sections of that image might help eliminate this issue.

Re: Masking

Posted: 21.03.2017 14:53
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks for the idea. What if we use transparency information from the source image and ignore areas which are marked transparent?