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Unread postby mireille » 26.07.2007 08:05

Hello Dan!

I was recently searching for a raw and photo editor that would be portable on a usb key and easilly usable from that key to another computer without any installation!

I found that 2 softwares already have this feature as photographers often need to finalize images on site (location)! I guess this would be a great feature!

Would it be possible to make it available for helicon filter?

Thank's :wink:

Nicole Mireille

p.s. Some people are writing to me to inquire if helicon is available in french..I guess it might not be clearly or easily found on website that it offers multi-languages! :wink:
Probably a french page as previously suggested would resolve it!
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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 26.07.2007 13:52

Mireille, thanks for suggestion! I will check if we can implement this type of protection

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