Raw conversion for Panasonic FZ8

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Raw conversion for Panasonic FZ8

Unread postby Guest » 25.07.2007 23:17

Only thing holding me back from purchasing Helicon Filter is lack of raw support for the Panasonic FZ8. Most other programs have updated for this camera. I would be happy to FTP file if you would like. Thanks for a great program.

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Unread postby Ariel » 26.07.2007 08:48

Are you sure it isn't supported? Have you tried the 30 day trial of the full version? Have you tried the beta version of 4.70? http://downloads.heliconfilter.com/Heli ... 0Beta1.exe
Have you tried using DCRAW to process the images?

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 26.07.2007 13:49

Please upload problem raw files to our ftp server:

login: upload
password: nopassword


Raw support for FZ8

Unread postby Guest » 26.07.2007 20:56

Yes, I have tried the latest beta and both the internal and DCRAW convertors. Helicon Filter can actually produce thumbnails of the images, but cannot load the images, it gives a file not supported error message. The camera is very new so may not have been updated yet. Shooting in raw is one of the big improvements from the FZ7 to the FZ8. I presume the newly announced FZ18 will use the same RAW format. I will upload a file. Thanks for your reply.

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